Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Go away, Phyllis!

This ghost thing is getting out of control.

I thought old Phyllis was done messing with us.  Aside from the occasional cell phone interference, I hadn't heard from her in days.  We were living harmoniously...until last night.

Around 11:30 PM last night, I climbed into bed with The Hubby and our two dogs.  I'd been lying there for a good five minutes, trying to decide on which lucid dream I'd like to experience (hey, it's worth a shot), when I heard a very loud


from another room.  Breaking glass.

Now, I know what you're all thinking:  it must have been something I'd set into motion while I was getting ready for bed.  I thought that too.  I figured maybe it was the photo hanging in the bathroom and I'd somehow brushed it on the way out of the room and left it wobbling for the last five minutes or so, until it couldn't take it anymore and fell off the wall.

No such luck.

Upon investigation , I discovered (okay, I woke up The Hubby and HE discovered) that the sound came from two picture frames falling off of a shelf and onto the floor.  In the guest room.  Which is only ever used in the mornings, since that's where The Hubby irons his clothes and gets dressed. 

The glass in the larger frame broke, but the smaller one was alright.  I was going to take a picture of it when it happened, but I was too scared of what else may show up in the photo, so I took this one today and added some helpful information.

The two that fell are the one with the arrow pointed at it and the one to its left. 

See the lip on that shelf?  That's the thing that's really baffling me.  I mean, if the pictures had been slipping, the lip would have caught them, right?  Also, how did they both fall?  They didn't overlap.  You may be thinking it's rodents, but I haven't seen any evidence of mice here, and this shelf is about five feet off the ground, so there goes that theory.

I'll have another talk with Phyllis when The Kid isn't around, but this is getting ridiculous.

My first instinct is to call a paranormal investigation team, but when I look those up online, they all say that they don't do ghost removal, just investigation.  Also, you have to let them in your house at night, and I don't want to scare The Kid--so far, we haven't used the G word in front of him.  Yesterday, he was talking about how his toys kept ending up where he didn't put them, and he just said, "Well, life IS weird.".  Gotta love the thought process of a five-year old.

What do you guys think I should do?  I'm not really scared of her--well, maybe a little bit at night, but mostly she's just a nuisance.  I plan on doing the video tour of the house in the next few days, and I hope I can get rid of her before then, but if not it may turn out to be a really creepy tour.

I'd really like people to come visit me, so we need to get this ghost situation under control ASAP.  Who would travel all the way out to Philadelphia to be terrorized by paranormal activity?  Even the promise of pretzels, sandwiches, and day trips to NYC won't lure in friends and family if they're afraid of my house.  :(

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