Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Best. Kid. Ever.

Guess who turned five today!


I don't often do entire posts dedicated to The Kid, but I think that living for half a decade warrants one.  If you're not into "mommy blogging", or if you hate children (what kind of monster are you???  how did you find me???), then this post is not for you.  Move along.

The truth is, I'm a really lucky mom.  I know that all of you parents out there think that your kid is the best one, but you're clearly mistaken, because I somehow managed to get him.

Want some proof?  Oh, fine.

The Top Ten Reasons Why My Kid Is Awesome

1.  He randomly stops watching TV or playing video games to give me hugs.  It's so sweet.  He'll be all, "I think you deserve a hug!", then he'll attack me with his tiny arms.  It's the best.

2.  He's hilarious.  No, he's not the best joke-teller ("Why did the tree cross the road?  To get to his tree family!"), but he's funny in a different way.  For instance, he was recently practicing writing his last name and he said that he was running out of room on the board.  I told him to flip it over, meaning to use the other side, which was blank.  A few minutes later, he handed me this:

Cracked.  Me.  Up.

3.  He makes up the best songs.  And they're often to the tune of "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys.  For example, he just sang, "Skyyyyylanders!  Those funky Skylanders!".

4.  He's oblivious to race.  When referring to a person, he describes him or her by the color of his or her shirt.  For example, a white guy in a black shirt will become "that black guy" and a girl in a blue shirt becomes "the blue girl".  I'm sure this will end someday--maybe soon--but I'm grateful for now that he doesn't see skin color.

5.  He's handsome.  I know that this really isn't important, but his little freckles and big hazel eyes melt my heart.

6.  He's a classic.  He prefers old-school animation to new computer animation.  He spent a lot of the day yesterday watching old Popeye cartoons.  His favorite things to watch on Cartoon Network are Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes (The original ones, not the new sucky ones where Bugs and Daffy live in tract housing and have jobs and fly on planes).

7.  He's grateful.  He never expects to get the things he wants, and when does, he'll spend a good hour saying, "I can't beweeve you got this for me!  Thank you so much!  I just can't beweeve it!"

"I think I'm going to burst with joy!" he said after I got him those Skylanders and that ginger ale.

8.  He randomly yells at me if I'm out of the room to tell me that he loves me.  I think he's just checking to make sure that I haven't left him alone in the house, but if I'm not in the room, the conversation usually goes (loudly), like this:

"Hey Mom?"
"I'm upstairs."
"I yuv you!"
"I love you too, bud!"

9.  He shares.  It doesn't matter what he's eating, he will always give me as many bites as I want.  He's also just as happy watching someone play a video or computer game as he is playing one himself. 

He even shared this cotton candy with me.  ♥

10.  He's kind.  One of his birthday wishes was that nobody yell at our puppy today, and he told me last night that I could choose five things that I wanted to do today (I picked four hugs and a kiss).

So there you have it:  ten reasons why I'm the luckiest mom ever.  I could list probably a hundred more.  One day The Kid will read this post--possibly during his teen angst stage--and see that I actually do love and appreciate him, though I hope he never thinks the contrary.

To him I say now, and always:  I could never ask for a better kid than you.  I love you, bud.
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