Friday, June 29, 2012

Poor planning.

We've arrived at our new home.  It's...empty.  Well, we have a TV that we went out and bought today so that the cable guy could install service, and there are a few odds and ends we were able to fit in our cars, so it's not COMPLETELY empty, but you know what I mean.  We have no furniture. 

The furniture arrives tomorrow, and I thought that would be just fine.  You see, The Hubby and I have been wanting to go back to a king size bed for a while now, what with two dogs and the occasional child sleeping with us and all.  Our old bedroom *just* fit a king, but it was very difficult to get around it if we shoved one in there. 

The Kid was also due for a bed upgrade.  He's been in a toddler bed up until now, and since he's about to turn five (and he often sleeps with half of his body on the floor, half in the bed), we decided that it was time to put him in a twin.

So, my brilliant plan was that we would arrive at our new home early, a day ahead of our belongings, and run to IKEA (where they offer same-day delivery) to buy our new beds for our first night here.

Well, I THOUGHT it was a brilliant plan. 

Unfortunately, here I am blogging at 9:45pm instead of sleeping--or even piecing together our new DIY furniture.  The Kid is sleeping on the living room floor.  He's sad to look at, so I only looked at him once to take this picture:

Our delivery window was between 5-9, which I thought was rather late, but I was a beggar so I wasn't about to be a chooser.  I figured they would arrive somewhere in the middle of that window, as most optimistic people would, and that we'd be tucked up in our HOPEN, under our MYSA RÖNN at a decent hour. 

It was not to be.

The delivery driver called me forty minutes ago and said that he was thirty minutes away.  I'm about to give myself whiplash every time a car drives by, hoping against hope that it will be a big 'ol delivery truck backing into our driveway, but NO.  Just a bunch of neighbors, probably going home to sleep in their fancy-schmancy beds, or maybe on their cushy couches. 

I hate them.

I want to go to bed.

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