Friday, April 27, 2012

Giving the People What They Want

Although I've made a weekly feature out of checking and reporting my search terms, I don't really think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when I'm writing a blog post.  Why should I?  I do what I want. 

Yes, I have Google Adsense installed, but I make *very* little money from it. 

In fact, I've never filled out my tax information for Adsense, so I haven't even received a check.  It seems like a lot of work, to be honest.  I'll probably wait until there's enough money in the account to buy a meal with, which could take years at this rate. 

Recently, I was chatting with another blogger about catering to the readers.  I joked that I was going to start blogging based on SEO:  giving the people what they want.  Pandering, basically.

According to my most popular search terms, this would require me to start a gossip blog about annoying celebrities, or maybe one about Spartacus and double jointed people. 

Am I what you were looking for?
That would be one weird blog.

Seeing as how I'm not an expert in any of those fields, I guess I'll just continue to post my vacation pictures and write about things that annoy me.  Then in 2015, I'll take my hard-earned blogging money and buy a pizza.

It's nice to have goals.
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