Thursday, March 29, 2012

Search Term Thursday--Spartacus edition! 3.29.2012

I'll bet you all forgot that you followed me, didn't you? 

To make up for the fact that I was too busy to create a Search Term Thursday post last week, I'm making this one an extra-long theme post!  For your entertainment, here are my all-Spartacus search terms for the last month:


The different "i hate spartacus" searches are from different countries.  Nothing brings the people of the world together quite like hatred of a dumb cable television show.  I'm thinking of starting a club, with bumper stickers and t-shirts.

I suppose that the lesson you could take away from this edition of STT is that if you want pageviews, write about Spartacus

As a bonus, I'll leave you with these little gems, which I found particularly amusing:

I'll be back with a real post very soon!

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