Saturday, March 31, 2012

LA and Barack

I keep telling myself that I need to blog, but then I never sit down to do it, because it's so overwhelming now that I've let it go for so long.

It's like when you avoid mowing the grass, but then it just keeps growing and growing and growing, and then you're left with a lawn that's so tall you can't get the mower through it without gumming up the blades and you need a scythe to get through the thing.

Yeah, it's like that.

In my own defense, though, I sat down to blog yesterday and I couldn't get into my blogger dashboard all day long.  Apparently this problem was exclusive to me?  Google hates me, I think.

So, what's up?

I went to LA last week, and it was fabulous.  I know what you're thinking, "but, TERI!  You HATE L.A.!".  That is technically true.  I do hate L.A.  Or, at least, I thought that I hated it.  However, upon return after a 10.5 year absence, I realized that the things I hated most about the city before don't bother me now.  Being in a city with a bunch of good-looking people is way easier when you aren't comparing yourself to all of them.  When I moved away, I felt fat and ugly all the time, but I didn't feel fat and ugly even once while I was there this time, even though I weigh 5-8 pounds more than I did back then.  Weird, huh?  Will I move back?  Not sure yet.  I don't think I'd want to raise The Kid there, but maybe outside of the city.  I do know that now the prospect doesn't make me want to vomit, and that's a good thing.

More fun LA feet pictures on my Tumblr

One great thing about my trip was that I got to meet up with several old friends and some of you lovely internet friends.  Ironically, it seems that I have more friends in So Cal than I have here.  In fact, I was SO busy that I didn't get to meet up with everyone I wanted to. I've never felt so popular!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to see me.  :)

I would discuss my trip in more detail and with photos, but that would be boring, especially since most of the pictures I took were of my feet.  Here's what I did: drove, ate, met with people, drove, got stuck in traffic, walked around my old neighborhoods, ate, drove, went to Universal Studios, got stuck in traffic, ate, spent time with old friends, ate, drove, got lost, walked, ate, drove, saw a movie, shopped, ate, drove, got stuck in traffic.  That about sums it up.  Oh, and I gained about five pounds.

I got this email from the President just now, and it struck me as hilarious:

What up, Barack?  Wanna hang out?
Do you think he actually sat down and wrote that, or did an aide have the balls to sign an email from the President with "Barack"?  One has to wonder...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Search Term Thursday--Spartacus edition! 3.29.2012

I'll bet you all forgot that you followed me, didn't you? 

To make up for the fact that I was too busy to create a Search Term Thursday post last week, I'm making this one an extra-long theme post!  For your entertainment, here are my all-Spartacus search terms for the last month:


The different "i hate spartacus" searches are from different countries.  Nothing brings the people of the world together quite like hatred of a dumb cable television show.  I'm thinking of starting a club, with bumper stickers and t-shirts.

I suppose that the lesson you could take away from this edition of STT is that if you want pageviews, write about Spartacus

As a bonus, I'll leave you with these little gems, which I found particularly amusing:

I'll be back with a real post very soon!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flight Plan

I hate flying.

I'm going out of town alone on Wednesday morning to somewhere that's supposed to have a warm climate, but it's going to be colder there than it has been here.  Considering that I don't want to check a bag ($25 each way for the first bag?  REALLY, Delta??), this has made packing something of a challenge.

In case you haven't flown in a while, here's what I'm working with:

1 carry-on, no bigger than 22" x 14" x 9".
1 personal item, which can be either a purse OR a laptop bag
1 quart-size zip-top plastic bag filled with all my fluids, each no larger than 3.4 oz.

I'm going for four nights and it's possible I'll need some dressier, going-out type clothes while I'm there.  I'm a very girly-girl, and I usually over-pack, but I think I've come up with a brilliant system:

1.  All of my clothes will color-coordinate with each other.  Basically everything I'm bringing is yellow and blue.  This way, I can wear a pair of flats and bring a pair of heels, and everything will go together.  I'll probably be layering a lot since it'll be a little chilly, so coordinating everything in my suitcase will maximize my wardrobe.

This trip will be sponsored by the colors blue and gold.
2.  I got a new purse/wallet, and I'm starting from scratch.  My purse is giant and it's like a black hole right now, so buying a new purse is way easier than cleaning out the other one.  I'll only be bringing essentials.  Cut.  Throat.

3.  I'll be packing my purse inside of my laptop bag.  Since I won't need to tote around any crayons, Transformers, or wet wipes on this trip, my new, smaller purse will collapse flat enough to be zipped up in my laptop bag with my computer.  This helps me evade the ONE PERSONAL ITEM rule, since technically I'll have my purse packed.

4.  Sample sizes from Sephora and Clinique are my new best friends.  All those tiny mascaras and moisturizers that I got as "gift with purchase" will fit much better in the zip-top bag than the regular-sizes would, even if those are still under the size limit.  Also, I save the conditioners that come in the box when I color my hair and use those when I travel.  They're the perfect size!

Look at that cute little Benetint!  I love him.

5.  I'll wear my raincoat on the plane, rather than packing it.  Obviously.

Considering that I'll only have roughly 45 minutes between flights on my layovers there and back, I'm hoping that these bags aren't too unwieldy.  I'm wearing slip-on flats on the way there so that I can run if needed and to make security go quicker.  I'm big fan on slip-ons for flying.  Also, if I need a belt, I ALWAYS put it in an outside pocket of my carry-on until after I've made it through security.  Same goes for jewelry.  Makes things way easier, trust me.

So, that's my plan.  It's Sunday night and I don't leave until Wednesday morning, so I have a little bit more time to tweak it, but I'm pretty confident with my choices right now.  Feeling good. 

Am I missing anything?  Does anyone else have any other tips for me?  Share your suggestions and make my trip easier, I'm begging you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Search Term Thursday 3.15.2012

Amid all the excitement, I almost forgot it was Search Term Thursday! 

These search terms were taken from Google Analytics, which is why the screenshot looks a bit different:

The sad search terms

The "family issues" search terms

The "That's what I want to know!" search term

I may have to start scouring Google Analytics more often, because the results were quite entertaining!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He Thought/She Thought

It's done! Enjoy! 

P.S.  If you share this video on your Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Google+ feed, I will be your best friend.  ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lessons I've Learned While Movie Making

So, it's apparent that whenever I have commitments outside of the home, I neglect my blog.  And my Twitter account.  And then I lose followers. 


I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you guys!  I was out of town filming my comedy short, and then I was sick, and then I started spending all my time editing my comedy short.  So...yeah, I'm busy.

When I started out on this whole short film venture, I thought it would be a, well, short process.  Not so much.  Yeah, I probably could have made the script a bit shorter or set it in one location (rather than seven), but you live you learn, right?

Not that I regret any of my decisions.  I think this is going to be a pret-ty awesome little film...and if it's not, well it was my first time out.  Give a lady a break! 

I've still got quite a bit to shoot and some voice over work to do before attempting a final cut, but so far I've learned some valuable lessons:

1.  I have the best friends.  One of them is an actor and he agreed to star with me.  He did an awesome job and offered a ton of helpful suggestions and technical advice.  Also, my blogger and twitter friend Feelix (yes, the same one who won the scarf) generously granted me permission to use some of her band's music, which has made all the difference.  Thank you so much, both of you!  You rock!

Todd and I on our fake date.
2. The Hubby REALLY doesn't like watching me kiss other guys.  Even if the guy is a non-threatening friend who's married to a super-hot woman.   It gives him the eebie-jeebies.  Probably won't put a kiss in the next script if I'm casting myself.  It was pretty weird for me, too.

3.  I actually like directing.  I didn't think that I'd ever want to direct, but after this experience, I've changed my mind.  It's fun!

4.  Next time I plan on starring in my own film, I'll schedule it for a different time of the month.  Seriously: PMS and HD video do NOT go well together.

I'll bet my recording studio has more clothes than your recording studio!
5.  I'll hit the "save" button more often often during the post production process. On Thursday night, I recorded ALL of Todd's voice over and some of mine, went to edit it, and the computer froze up.  I didn't save once during those two hours of recording.  D'OH.  We re-recorded everything the next morning before I had to leave town with the family, but it was devastating at the time.  The Hubby set everything to auto-save now, bless his heart, but I still click on that "save" button as often as I remember, which is sometimes once a minute.  Better safe than sorry.

Recording voice overs...that got lost in computer-land.

There are more things I've learned, but I'll save them for later.  I hope to upload the video to YouTube in a week or so, but it will definitely be up by the end of the month, at the latest.  I just found out today that my double jointed shoulder video has over 1,000 views, so if this one doesn't hit at least that many, I'll be sorely disappointed in humanity.  I'll do my best to make it funny enough that you'll want to share it with all of your friends. 

Wish me luck!  :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Search Term Thursday(?) 3.8.2012

Sorry I'm late, guys!  I was out of town and forgot all about STT. 

Since it's late and I can't tell if this week's search terms occurred after STT was officially over, I'll only share with you this one screen shot I took earlier in the week:

Who would want to make this???  Then again, I googled  "pickle juice martini recipe" a few weeks ago, so who am I to judge?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stupid Feet.

Me:  "Oh, I lost a follower.  Darn.  Probably because I haven't been blogging."

The Kid:  "Maybe you should stop takin' pictures of your feet, and more people are goin' ta come"

Wrong blog, Kid.

So, I've been busy.  Obviously. 

I'll be back soon, but if you want to see where I've been, follow this link to my new Tumblr blog: Where are my feet today?.

As The Kid pointed out, it's a pretty stupid idea, but whatever.  I do what I want.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Search Term Thursday 3.1.2012

This one is due to an unfortunate Halloween costume.

Are you guys messing with me?  Is one of you searching specifically for these post titles, or am I just *really* good at naming my posts?

On another note, there were way fewer disgusting people finding my blog through Google this week.  I'd call that a win! 

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