Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Emotional

So, that didn't last long.

Sorry, guys.  I hate it when someone does this huge announcement, "I AM TAKING A BREAK!" and then they're back in four days, so feel free to hate me when I do it.  I won't blame you.

The thing is, on the very day that I decided to go off social networking, Whitney Houston died.  I was all, MUST...TWEET...MUST...BLOG, but I resisted the urge.  I guess I'm less of a social networking addict than I thought, huh? 

Now that I've had some time to gather my thoughts, I'd like to say a few words about Whitney Houston.

As I type this, I'm listening to "So Emotional" on my Spotify Whitney playlist, which has been running almost nonstop since Saturday night.  This hit me hard.  I've cried a few times, and I'm fighting back tears now.

I loved those earrings.  I loved them so much.
Whitney Houston played a huge part in my childhood.  I remember sitting in the back of a moving pickup truck with my sisters, singing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" at the top of our lungs.  We would watch hours of VH1 just so that we could catch the video for "The Greatest Love of All".  "One Moment In Time" was nearly my moment, when my choir director almost chose me to do a solo at the beginning of the song for the concert (I didn't project enough back then--I was too shy).

Basically, through repeated rewinding and playing, Whitney Houston taught me to sing.  No, I will never sing as well as she did, but by attempting to sing each note of every one of her songs in the exact way she did it, Whitney was my very own vocal coach.  I still know all the words to all of her early songs.

I can't get "Didn't We Almost Have it All" out of my head.  While most of the tributes I've seen have referenced "I Will Always Love You", I think this one is more suitable mainly because of these lines:

Didn't we almost have it all?
When love was all we had worth giving
The ride with you was worth the fall, my friend
Loving you makes life worth living

The ride with Whitney Houston was worth the fall.  She may have lived a too-short, tumultuous life, but her beautiful voice will live on forever, and will continue to bring joy to generations of music lovers for years to come.  That's priceless.

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston.  Thank you for the music.
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