Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy stuff.

So, apparently nobody else remembers Rock N Roll Mom.  Who'd a thunk?

That's okay.  Even though I feel like a complete outsider now, I still had a pretty good day.  Why, you ask?  Let's see...

Things that made me happy today:

*The case of Sugar-free Red Bull I just bought at Costco.

*Thinking I left half my reusable grocery bags at the grocery store, only to find them at the bottom of another bag when I got home.

*The way The Kid looked when he got up from his nap (which he never really took):

*Planning what I'll wear and how I'll do my hair for (early) Valentine's Day dinner this weekend.

*Finishing a re-write of my screenplay Coma Lady last night.

*The realization that it's already February 8th and we probably will escape this winter without suffering through a big winter storm this year.

*Realizing, after 2 1/2 years of growing it out, that my hair is now down to my bra strap, which is the length at which I officially consider it long.

I have long hair!  ...but apparently I lost a hand.

*Wearing the perfect shade of red lipstick that I got as a sample at Sephora, but will soon be buying in the full-sized version.

*Having a conversation with The Kid in the pasta aisle of the grocery store that started with the question, "How long do vampires live?".

*Finding a musical twin to share playlists with on Spotify.

*Making plans to see a friend I haven't spent time with in months.

So you see, my happiness isn't dependent on a single other person in the world sharing my affinity for horrible made-for-tv 80's movies.

It's dependent on Red Bull and lipstick.

So there.
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