Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hail and Wonder Woman and all that jazz

I don't think all these thoughts go together, so I'm just going to put bullet points in front of all of them and that will make it all okay.  Okay?  Good.

Here we go!

-Tomorrow it's going to be 65 degrees, and I'm psyched:  it's almost SPRING!! 

-There should be songs for spring.  Christmas is alright and all, but it's certainly NOT "the most wonderful time of the year" in my book, so why does it get all the good songs?  I'm going to start a movement of people writing songs about spring, and in a few years, people will be complaining on New Year's Day, saying, "Oh my GOD, they've already started playing the spring songs on the radio??? 

-Until then, enjoy this one, from one of my favorite movies, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers:

-Speaking of spring, it's about time to pull out my seasonal movies and watch them on a loop.  That means Twister and Where the Heart is and The Wizard of Oz.  Come to think of it, those are all tornado movies.  Hm.  I guess I've always equated spring with tornado season since I'm from the Midwest.  I love tornado season.  It's so exciting!  I'm sure I'd have a different perspective if my home or a loved one had been directly hit by one, but I love me a good tornado warning.  And thunderstorms?  Fuggetaboudit.  Best things EVER.  Unless there's hail.  I hate hail.  It ruins everything.  We've had some pretty big hail storms since we've lived here in Kansas, but luckily we've never gotten anything bigger than golf ball-sized stones.  I've seen pictures of softball-size hail that fell less than a hundred miles from here, and that terrifies me.  Our cars would be toast.  So would our roof.  I guess that's what insurance is for, but still.

Spring 2008.  It still haunts me.
-The Kid has been STUPID ADORABLE lately.  He needs his own reality show.  Not that I would ever subject him to that, but oh my GOD, he's sweet.  Here he is making up "nice" knock knock jokes with my mom:

-The Hubby got me a Wonder Woman sleep set for Christmas off of my Amazon Wishlist, so I took full advantage of it and made a new avatar for my Twitter account.  Unfortunately,I don't like it much and I want to change it again already.  Don't get me wrong--it's super-cool--but I look very...square in it.  Should have stood at an angle, like Linda Carter did.  Also, I wish I'd winked.  Maybe after a few months I'll change it again.  It's a .gif, so if you don't see it moving, click on it:

I am a very serious crime-fighter!  ...or am I?

-A LOT of people search YouTube for videos of double jointed people.  Way more than I would have thought.  I've got over 600 views on one of my videos, and I'm eligible to put a banner ad at the bottom, but I can't decide if I should do it or not.  Does anyone even click on those?  Is it worth annoying people for?  What do you guys think?

-I went with The Kid yesterday to help out The Hubby at a soup kitchen he volunteers at regularly.  He's on the board and may possibly be taking over the Presidency this summer, so he's basically Jesus now.  The Kid and I handed out cookies to the hungry people.  It was nice.

-If I don't finish this blog post and feed my child, he's liable to eat the dog, so I'd better go. 

Thank you all for tolerating my randomness!  :)

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