Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1988 Brain

For some reason, as I was curling my hair in preparation for a day of staying home with The Kid (seriously, why do I bother?), a song popped into my head.  Nothing new--I almost always have a song in my head.  The odd part?  This song is from a TV Movie from 1988 called Rock N Roll Mom with Dyan Cannon.  A TV MOVIE.  From 1988.  And I know the WHOLE SONG*.  Man, I'm weird.

Do any of you remember this movie at all?  I don't think I had it on VHS, but I do remember watching it a few times, so someone I know must have had a copy. 

The premise was that Dyan Cannon was a single mom who was a songwriter and closet singer.  Her song somehow got into the hands of a record producer who was going to have a big-named rockstar diva record it, but when the diva didn't show up for the recording session, he had Dyan Cannon sing it instead, thus shooting her to superstardom. 

Of course, since she was a mom (gross!), they had to dress her up in disguise and give her a fake name so that nobody found out her true identity.  She had giant, mesmerizing hair in this movie, and she dressed in lots of lace and denim, from what I recall.

Aren't you DYING to see it now?  Unfortunately, I don't have a copy, but thanks to the miracle of YouTube, I do have a very grainy, wavy sample to share with you!  Here's the song I'll probably be singing for the next three days:

If anyone out there has a full-length digital or DVD copy of this movie, I'd love you forever if you'd share it with me!  I know it exists, because on this site, I found this:

...but it's not for sale on Amazon.  Weird.

In return, I'll send you a copy of She's Out of Control, because I'm nice like that and that movie is underrated.  Deal?  Sweet.

*Actually by my estimation, 1988 takes up about 1/4 of my memory power.  I guess age 9 was a pretty formative year.
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