Thursday, January 5, 2012

You've Got Snail Mail!

Who likes getting surprises in the mail?  The better question would be who DOESN'T like getting surprises in the mail!  Am I right?  Surprises are SWEET!

I've been sending a lot of packages through the mail lately:  Christmas gifts, scarves, DVDs.  Fun stuff.  You know what?  I really enjoy sending mail to strangers. It makes me feel good.  I like the idea that something I was holding in my hands is now in the hands of a person halfway around the world.  It's nice.

That's why I decided to create a new blog game called:

What is a blog game, you ask?  It's kind of like a blog award, only WAY better.  Here's how we're gonna do it:

1.  Write a blog post announcing that you're participating. 

2.  Copy these rules and the above icon into your post.

3.  Ask people to comment if they are willing to participate on their own blog.  Sorry, but you MUST have a blog to join in on the snail mail action.

4.  Choose a winner (or two or three) from your comments section.  You can choose your winners however you like--at random, first comment, whoever lives the farthest--it's your blog, do what you want!

5.  Go shopping (or scavenging)!  Pick out items that are easy to mail and cost under $5.  Be thrifty, be creative.  Got something good lying around the house?  Send that!  Mailing your gift to another country or region?  Send a local candy or snack item!  In this case, it really IS the thought that counts.

6.  Mail those items to your chosen winner(s), and one to the person who sent you a gift (if you received one).  Send a little note with the gift--show off your (little-used) handwriting!

7.  No need to tag other bloggers.  The game will be passed along through the posting of snail mail.

8.  You don't have to be chosen to participate.  If you want to join in the fun but nobody mailed you anything, just start with #1 and away you go!

VERY IMPORTANT:  By commenting and saying that you are willing to participate, you are promising to pay it forward.  Please only join in if you are willing to give your address (through private email) to the blogger whose blog you are commenting on.

Doesn't this sound like FUN, guys?  Aren't you EXCITED??  I am! 

If you have any questions or see any mistakes in my rules up there ^, please let me know.  This took all my brain power to create.  I don't know why I'm so slow today, I swear I'm a smart person.

Let's start!  Comment below and tell me if you want to participate.  I'll choose up to five readers on Saturday, January 7th 2012 to receive my snail mail. 

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