Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The grumpy list

I'm in a horrible mood today.  Yes, I know that there are starving children in Africa and the Holocaust happened and whatnot, but no amount of perspective is helping the fact that I have zero patience for anything or anyone today.  The half a Xanax I just took should be kicking in soon, though, so I'm going to blog a list now.

These are all things I've wanted to blog about lately, but I can't seem to make them into one cohesive post: 

1.  I keep getting deferred as a blood donor due to low iron. This is very annoying, because I'm taking vitamins now and everything.  I'm gonna try again in a couple days when The Kid and The Hubby are out of town, and I'm going to eat a burger a few hours before.  If that doesn't work, I'm just going to assume that I need my blood more than sick people at this point in time.

2.  Every time I go to give blood and they ask me to pull up my sleeves and look at my arms, I'm afraid they're going to see something that makes them think I'm a heroin user.  I am not a heroin user.  There is absolutely no good reason for this irrational fear.  A similar thing happens when a policeman pulls up behind me--I always think he's going to pull me over, even though I'm not breaking any laws.

See?  No track marks.
3.  That reminds me--my shoulders are double-jointed, so I can do this:

Weird, right?

4.  Staycation starts tomorrow.  Maybe that's why I'm so anxious?

5.  The snail mail has been rolling in.  So far, I've gotten three packages from three wonderful bloggers:  Karen, Confuzzled, and Jessica.  For some reason, Jessica's blog has disappeared, but I'm hoping it's a minor glitch like the one I encountered.  Jessica, if you're reading this, link your blog below!

A Hodgepodge of lovely snail mail gifts.

6.  Although I am not the most fashionable person, I know that many of you run fashion blogs, or are just interested in it in general.  If that's the case, I urge you to click on the new ad on the right-hand side of my screen there.  See it?  The one with the pretty blonde in the blue dress?  That's my friend.  She and her husband started a website called Fashonify where you can upload pictures of clothes and accessories and get real-time feedback on them.  For instance, say you're in a dressing room and you can't decide between two dresses.  You upload the photos and people will weigh in and let you know which one looks better!  Isn't that a great idea?  Anyway, this is not a paid endorsement, but they are my friends and the idea is great, so go check out if you are a fashion fiend. 

7.  I have an enormous pile of laundry to finish so that I can pack The Kid's things for his trip.  I should be doing that rather than this.

8.  I'm spending too much time on the internet.  People are starting to think I'm weird because of it.  This upsets me.  Maybe I am becoming weird?  I don't know.  What I DO know is that if I didn't have the internet to socialize on while I stay at home all day with my child, I'd go insane.  It's important.  I should probably take a break at some point, though.  It's always been refreshing when I've done it in the past.

9.  Maybe I shouldn't be asking people to think I'm not weird in the same post where I put up photos of my elbows pointing in the wrong directions.

10.  My 1/2 a Xanax has finally kicked in.  I think I have enough patience to start packing now, but I'd rather take a nap.  If I drink a coffee or tea, will it counteract the effects of the Xanax?  That would be a waste, but I'm so tired, and a hot beverage DOES sound delicious.  To heck with it.  Off to boil some water.
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