Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Space Heater of DEATH!!

You know how sometimes you're sitting at the computer, perusing Twitter, then you smell smoke and realize it's coming from your four-year old son's room?  No?  Well, I do.

The fire department just left.

When The Hubby and I smelled the smoke, we ran into The Kid's room to see if he was on fire.  Fortunately, he was not.  Unfortunately, we could not figure out where the smoke was coming from.  We moved him to our room, unplugged everything, and opened the windows.  The smell did not go away.

Not seeing any flames, and not wanting to waste the fire department's time if we didn't need to, I tweeted my new friend Eric, who just happens to be a firefighter, and asked for his advice (read from the bottom up):

Click to enlarge

He was very helpful:

click to enlarge
click to...oh, you know what to do by now.

It's nice to have people validate your neurosis sometimes.  We called 911.  I felt really dumb calling 911 when we didn't see any flames and there was only a little smoke, but what the hell??  Where was it coming from???

The nice men of the KCKFD arrived swiftly in their very dirty boots.  They were nice and they liked my puppy, who was very well-behaved around all the strangers.  They used some sort of thermal imaging thing to make sure that my walls or ceiling weren't on fire, and then they pinpointed the problem in a very scientific way:  one of them stuck his nose up to the vent on our space heater.  Yup, that's where the smell was coming from. 


Why didn't we figure that out? 

I guess that the best answer I can give you is:  fear.  When smoke is coming from your child's room, it's very hard to think clearly without visions of your kid being burned up clouding your thoughts.

So, we will not be using that space heater anymore.  Do you have this heater?:

If so, maybe stop using it.  Just a suggestion.

My house still stinks.  Just in case, The Kid is sleeping in our bed tonight.  I'm not taking any chances. 
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