Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Week In My Brain

A week in the brain of TB

Sunday:  I feel great!  What a beautiful day, and I look so pretty today!  I'm going to conquer the world!!

Monday:  Ah, Monday.  What a morning.  Bye, Hubby!  Have a nice day at work!  What shall we do, Kid?  Oh, you want to play Chutes and Ladders?  That's so adorable.  Let's do it, bud!  I'll write later, for sure.

Tuesday:  Gosh, writing last night was wonderful.  I really banged it out--halfway through my next screenplay, with two ready to go after that.  I'm so productive!  I think I'll do some more networking online--as soon as I can get the puppy to stop biting my feet and The Kid to stop begging me to play with him.  Maybe I can get him to watch a movie that I want to see...

Wednesday:  Last night wasn't quite as productive, but it was nice to get a few pages in.  Where's my Redbull and why am I so tired?  I forgot to eat again.  Better go buy some bread...I'll need that.  How about I listen to some new music that The Hubby suggested?  These girls are so talented--inspiring!  I need a haircut.

Thursday:  I guess I should do laundry and some housecleaning at some point this week.  Perhaps today.  Also, I really should get back into music.  I wrote and sang a lot of good stuff.  But, I also want to do the screenplays...definitely going to write tonight.  For sure.

Friday:  Everyone is better than me.  I don't even live in LA. anymore, how am I supposed to succeed as a screenwriter?  This is stupid.  I'm such a failure.  I think I'll listen to 80s Rock Anthems and eat Halloween candy while I catch up on the news and blogs...and spider solitaire.  I look terrible.  

Saturday:  Why does my husband have to work for 36 hours straight???  Why do I look and feel so disgusting???  When do I get a chance to write???  And why won't this child take a nap???  And why won't the puppy stop sinking it's pointy teeth of death into my feet and hands???  WHHHYYYYYYYY?????

...and then it starts all over again.  That is, if I'm lucky and I don't get stuck in a cycle of Fridays and Saturdays, which has been known to happen.  Help me.

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