Sunday, November 6, 2011

The internet is weird.

I've been out in Rhode Island, visiting a friend, and all weekend the same conversation keeps coming up:  How did we come to live in a society where people live such a large portion of their lives online?

I'm guilty of it myself, clearly, as the purveyor of this blog, and holder of accounts on twitter, facebook, tumblr, and Google+.  I'm an admitted (though recovering) Facebook addict.  I'd like to delete my account altogether, because the entire site seems designed around making you feel inadequate.  People put their best foot forward.  They only show the good parts of their lives.  They wouldn't create photo albums detailing their messy homes or their failing relationships, but they post 200 pictures of their recent Hawaiian vacation, hoping to get comments like, "Oh, I'm so jealous!" to feel validated. People have begun living their lives through the lens of their iPhone and stopped living in the moment.  As a result, we get a warped view of what the world is like.  We think that everyone is happy and healthy and beautifully airbrushed with a drink in their hand, but that's not life.

I'm not saying that people should stop using Facebook or stop posting photos or stop being happy.  I just think the whole thing is very strange, and unsettling.  We've somehow evolved into a worldwide society of envious peeping toms, when in reality, the very people we admire and envy have their own set of problems and aren't likely any better off than we are.

The internet is weird.
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