Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twitter thinks I'm fat

It's a well-documented fact that I hate dieting and exercising.  That said, The Hubby now weighs less than I do, and it really bothers me.  I've gained a few pounds, but he's lost 40-45 pounds, so it's mostly his fault that this disaster has occurred. 

Over the past year or so, due largely to the fact that he's trying to lower his cholesterol without medication, The Hubby has become obsessed with diet and exercise to the point that we've actually gotten into arguments over it.  I'm glad that he's happy and all but, dude, I can only take so much of his constant look-at-my-six-pack/guess-how-much-I-weigh-today talk.  He does look good, and that's wonderful, but I've always joked that if he gets lighter than me then I'll have to leave him, because that's just not cool. 

In an effort to make light of the situation at-hand, I tweeted this earlier:

Immediately, I acquired a new follower:

And then I got these tweets:

Now, I understand that weight loss is a billion-dollar industry (trillion?  million?  whatever.), but these diet bots need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.  I was making a joke, and they all swooped in like, "YESSSS!!!  Another insecure girl who may buy what I'm sellin'!  ATTACK!!!!"  That's messed up. 

Even though I know I don't actually need to lose weight, the suggestion made me second-guess myself for a split-second.  What happens to all the anorexic and bulimic girls and boys on Twitter who get bombarded with this stuff?  I hope they don't buy into it.  That would suck.

I'm still waiting to hear from the Twitter bots who promise me they can help me gain weight--or get me a new husband, for that matter.  I'll keep you all posted.  *fingers crossed!*.

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