Thursday, October 13, 2011

My socks are wet.

...but that's what happens when you get a PUPPY!!!!!

Yes, Sandy the puppy came home early!  We've been enjoying her company since Sunday--which, coincidentally, is the same day that The Hubby came home from Canada.  Of course, The Kid and I had to surprise him with her arrival upon his arrival:

Sorry I couldn't get it in one video.  I don't have Quicktime pro, which I didn't realize I'd need until afterwards, darn it.  I should have just recorded it on my webcam.  

Even though my socks ARE wet, Sandy is quickly getting the gist of housebreaking, even though she's a tiny little thing.  She's taken to running out the doggy door right after she eats, which makes me believe that she's some sort of puppy genius.  Nights are still pretty rough, but we're getting the hang of it.  I've increased my coffee/tea/sugar-free Red Bull intake, so we're all good 'round here.

More non-related puppy posts coming up, I promise!  Until then,  


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