Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun with clay!

I'm off Facebook for the week because I feel like I'm becoming addicted again, and I wanted to nip that in the bud early on.  The Kid is off video games for the week, so it's a joint venture. 

As you can imagine, we both have a lot more free time now.  In addition to cooking and keeping the house cleaner watching the entire Incredible Hulk television series, I've also been making an effort to do more fun mother-son activities.  This morning, after a rousing game of Hulk Smash, we got out the sculpt and bake clay and set to work on some accessories for The Kid's favorite toys:  Imaginext figures.

Now, if you've been following my blog for a while (as a whole five of you have), you will remember that I have a beef with the toy makers over at Fisher-Price.  They don't make female action figures for their Imaginext line--only male.  We DID manage to find a Catwoman once, and thank God I bought it, because I never saw another one ever again. 

So, after I made two tiny clay guns, I set off on a mission to right the gender inequality within my son's toy box.  My first idea was to turn one of the men into a woman, so I made a wig:

"What?  You never seen a lady with a face sweater before?  Move along now."
The Kid was not so keen on this idea.  I had to show him how the guy was using the wig as a disguise to trick his enemies before he reluctantly allowed me to bake this one off.  Also, it became apparent that the Imaginext people are very macho men, because every little guy in the Medieval Times line has some manly facial hair.  These guys do not make very convincing women.

The next idea was to make a girl from scratch, which I initially shot down, but then I decided to go for it.  I mean, what was I going to do with the next hour of my life if I wasn't on Facebook anyway?  Clean?  (Ha!  God, I'm funny!)  So, with Adventures in Babysitting playing in the background to keep the 4-year old's short attention span occupied, I set off on my own little adventure.  It took me the entire length of the movie and several tries, but I think you'll agree that I've discovered a hidden talent as a gifted sculptor:

OK, yeah, she leans back a little.  Maybe she's a Fat Joe fan.

Her blush is 3-dimensional, but her hands are not.  Who needs lumpy hands anyway?

Alright, well, maybe she's not a masterpiece, but she's serving her purpose.  Already, The Kid has used her as a hostage, had her shot, and had the men roast her with their marshmallows.  How did we get by without a female action figure all this time?

"My heroes!"

"Should we blow her up or shoot her, guys?"

Take note, Fisher-Price.  Little boys need female toys too.  E-mail me if you'd like me to design one for your line--clearly I'm an artistic genius.

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