Saturday, September 24, 2011

A guest post, for your inspiration

The Kid in the Front Row is one of my favorite bloggers.  I began following him last November after he'd been chosen by Blogger as a Blog of Note.  Since then, we've struck up a bit of an internet friendship and, though his identity still remains a mystery, I like to think that he's Helen Mirren.  Or possibly Aaron Sorkin.

Whoever this guy is, he's more than just your average film blogger; he serves up loads of inspiration on a near daily basis.  Below is a sample of what you'll find if you choose to follow his blog, which I encourage you to do as soon as you finish reading mine.  Enjoy!


 By The Kid in the Front Row

Where did you go, and when did we lose you? One minute you were one of us and the next you were gone and we didn't even recognize a piece of you.

One minute we're 22 and fired up all crazy on life and it's like a moment later and you're closed and gone. And we kept on knocking but you were gone to us.

Where did you go and are you any happier? Your eyes went dull and your dreams stopped speaking.

We just want to see you. There's a light somewhere but no-one can find the switch. We understand and we understand but we just don't quite understand. You're gone and you're all alone and we just want you back and bright.

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