Thursday, September 8, 2011

Film Survey

Since I was recently told that I was intriguing (although I would call myself an open book), I've decided to do more questionnaires.  Lucky for me, The Kid in the Front Row just posted one, about film (naturally).  Here goes nothing:


The Kid In The Front Row Film Questionnaire

1. What film has been sitting on your shelf for six months waiting to be watched?  The Greatest has been on top of my microwave for about a month.  Before that, it was Conviction.  That was pretty good.  I'll get around to it...someday.

2. What is the one film you know word for word?  The Wizard of Oz, but there are many others I could probably come close to reciting.

3. What screen character breaks your heart?  Dustin Hoffman as Ted Kramer in Kramer vs. Kramer.  Oh, God.  Just thinking about him fighting for custody of his son gives me a lump in my throat.

4. If you could bring an actor back from the dead, and had to pair them on screen with a current actor (who is no older than 40), what would your combo be?  Natalie Wood and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  She was the epitome of glamorous, and he's very dashing.  They would have been great in a romantic comedy together.

5. How often do you check your phone in the cinema?  A few times, to make sure the babysitter hasn't called.  I don't text or answer calls or send messages to Facebook or Twitter, though.  That drives me INSANE.

6. What film do you love which no-one else quite seems to 'get'?  Closer.  I don't hear many people talk about it.  I think most people think it's too depressing, but I like depressing movies, and I love this one.

7. What is your favourite Al Pacino film?  What is it with men and Al Pacino?  He must be a man's man.  I honestly do not care one way or another about the man.  Looking at his IMDB profile, I'd have to go with Oceans 13.  Scent of a Woman and Sea of Love were both good, but I haven't seen either one in years, so all I can remember is that I enjoyed them.

8. Why do they always manage to make us go one size bigger with the popcorn?  Because it's got free refills, and without free refills, we wouldn't be consuming our required 3000 movie theater calories.

9. Share one memory from a cinema visit long ago.  My first real make-out session was when a date took me to see the James Bond movie Golden Eye.  I think I saw about five minutes of it.

10. Have you ever used a line from a movie, in your life, without anyone knowing you stole it?  I am CONSTANTLY quoting movies, so I'm sure that happens often.  Let me see here..."It's so FLUFFY!!!" -- Despicable Me; "Thanks for calling me on the telephone!" -- Blast from the Past; "For-e-ver...for-e-ver" -- The Sandlot; "I am NOT drinking any f---ing merlot!!" -- Sideways; I just said to my niece the other day, "When your allergies act up, take out your nose ring." --Clueless.
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