Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer of Suck.

This summer is kind of sucking.  My toe/foot is still very painful and, from what I've read, could be causing me trouble for the next couple of months still.  What the heck, modern medicine?  You can grow a boob in a lab, but you can't fix a broken pinkie toe?  Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Also, although I knew it when I signed up for it, this laser vein surgery recovery SUCKS.  Wearing compression hose in 98 degree weather is not agreeing with me at all.  When you combine that inconvenience with my inability to walk much because of my foot, you get my least-fun summer ever.  I've actually found myself longing to exercise, and those of you who know me, know that this is not me AT ALL.  My body is screaming, Do something!  Be active!  I'm becoming an angry invalid. 

So, yeah, physically...this has not been my season.  I'm gunning for July to be better than June was, though, so a change in attitude is first-up.  Mantra time:

I can be healthy!
I can be happy! 
Yay, life!

I guess it's really a cross between a cheer and a mantra, but I think it'll still work.  Let's DO this, body.
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