Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saving birds and watching football

So, I didn't win the song contest.  Don't cry for me, though!  I did lots of other good things this weekend.  Let's round them up in a tidy list, shall we?

Awesome things I've done in the last few days

1.  Rescued a baby bird from certain death!

Yesterday, The Kid, the neighbor girl, and I were outside enjoying Italian Ices when my dog Vinnie started sniffing around in the hedge.  It was clear that he'd found something, and when I went over to investigate, I found this:
Don't let that dog eat me, please!
I quickly realized that the reason that this poor li'l guy was resting in the grass and not comfortably in his nest was because the previous day, this happened:

Try getting this back up on your own.
The Hubby thought it was a grand idea to leave a pop-up tent on our car port for shade.  I told him it was a bad idea, because as soon as we had a storm it would blow away.  He ignored me.  The first windy day we had, surprise surprise, it blew into the hedge.

As soon as I saw the tent in the hedge, I noticed a couple of cardinals investigating the incident with much interest.  Until we found the baby, I didn't realize that the tent had knocked him out of his nest.  That'll teach The Hubby to listen to me!

Not really sure of what to do, I called Operation Wildlife, a wonderful non-profit organization located in our area, that takes in abandoned wild animals until they can be released back into the wild.  The man on the other end told me that the best thing to do was to get the baby back in the nest, but if I couldn't, then they would take him in.

That nest was high, people, but I was determined.  How could you turn down a face like this:
I miss my mommy and daddy!
Long story short, we got him back in his nest and the family was reunited.  Hooray!

2.  Installed toothbrush holders in both bathrooms!

Ok, so I guess "awesome" is a subjective term, but I count this, because I've been trying to find toothbrush holders that hang on the wall FOREVER.  I finally found them on Amazon and they arrived on Friday.  The Kid can finally reach his toothbrush without having to leave it laying behind the faucet!  Oh joy!

With the popularity of pedestal sinks, you'd think these would be easier to find.

3.  Went to a KC Command arena football game.

This was fun!  Arena football is indoor football, so the field is much smaller.  Because of that, the game is much faster-paced and the scores go much higher.  Fun all-around!

I'm glad we didn't sit behind the goal--it's dangerous back there!

I have no idea why my arm looks so skinny here--my arms are not the size of a five-year old's, I swear.

Grrrrr!  Football!!

Outside the Sprint Center.  The Kid has a very fast arm.

4.  Finished the first draft of my screenplay!

I sent it off to a couple of friends for some constructive criticism, and it's clear that I have a lot of work left to do, but I'm so happy to have the first draft done!   

5.  Went out for margaritas and fish tacos
You know you're in a Mexican restaurant when it's this colorful.
It's not often that I get out without The Kid and The Hubby, so meeting up with my sister and a friend was a much-needed break.  I got a normal-sized margarita, while my sister opted for the fish bowl (a.k.a. super-enormous) version:
She definitely didn't finish this.

6.  Took a nap.

I don't get to do this very often, so YES, it belongs on my list, because it was awesome.

And that, as they say, is that.  Now that I've written it all down, my weekend doesn't sound that exciting, but I've sure enjoyed it.  I'm home alone, so I'm going to try for an encore of number six now.  Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

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