Monday, April 11, 2011


So, allergies suck.   I don't know what the deal is, but this spring has been the worst-ever for my poor nose.  I've been trying all kinds of different allergy medicine, but I just went back to the doctor today and got a prescription for flo-nase, the old standby, so hopefully it helps this year.  If not, I am seriously considering a move to Antarctica.  The alternative is to stay on a steady diet of Sudafed, and that's not really practical because a) I'm thirsty and dizzy all the time, and b) The pharmacist is going to think I'm making meth if I keep this up much longer. 

It even looks fancy sideways.  Jealous?
 I got a fancy new BlackBerry.  All the buttons work, that's what makes it fancier than my old one.  Oh, and it flips open, which is pretty fancy in and of itself.  All those buttons and features are a little overwhelming when you're used to such limited accessibility due to an unfortunate toilet incident.  Speaking of which, I now know at least two other women who have dropped their phones in the toilet by forgetting to take them out of their back pocket before sitting down.  Consider this a warning.

OMG, I just saw a commercial for Froot Loops with sprinkles.  You know, because original Froot Loops didn't have enough sugar in them.

Old picture, but still an accurate depiction of my breakfast.
Sometimes I think that caffeine is one of those substances that will be banned someday because of adverse side effects.  In fifty years, we'll look back and say, "Can you believe that we used to put caffeine in SODA and give it to kids??  Crazy!"  Kind of like cocaine in Coca-cola back in the day.  Then I realize that at least 50% of the nation is addicted to it, so that would probably never happen, and therefore you will continue to enjoy my Dunkin Donuts coffee-fueled rambling blog posts, such as this one.

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