Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random randomness.

As I was draining the macaroni for The Kid's lunch just now, I smelled what I thought to be cigarette smoke coming from under my kitchen window.  I got really paranoid and started looking around for an intruder, and then I realized that there had been some crud on the burner, and the scent of that crud burnt to the bottom of the macaroni pan was what I was smelling.  I worry too much.

Tab is delicious.  I realize that it's probably terrible for me (containing both saccharine AND aspartame), but I just can't get enough of the delights within that pink can.  Why is it so hard to find??  I hope they don't stop making it soon, but they probably will since I love it so.  That sort of thing happens to me a lot.  I got mine at Super Walmart, if anyone is wondering where they can find it.

I really want to go buy Tangled on blu-ray, but I'm having a hard time spending the $20 because my niece is coming into town this weekend and I'm taking her prom dress shopping, so I want to save my money for that.  Argh.  Also, I should probably save it as an Easter present for The Kid.  Time will tell if my willpower is great enough.

I've been reading my old journals lately, from when I lived in L.A. and after that.  I figured it would help me with my screenplay, but mostly they are filled with details of arguments The Hubby and I had at that time.  I guess it's good that I had a place to vent, but I wish I would have written down the happy stuff as much as the other stuff.  I'm contemplating burning them now, or at least tearing out the negative pages.  No need to subject The Kid to reading that stuff one day.

I REALLY dislike the term "mommy blogger".  It seems to be used in a derogatory way more often than not, and I don't get it.  What constitutes a mommy blogger anyway?  Does the blog have to be more than, say 50% about her kids?  I'll admit that I try to keep myself in check so that I don't fall into that category, but what's so wrong with it anyway?  Why all the mom-hate?  If you don't like it, don't read it, but don't dismiss someone entirely just because she blogs about her kids and family life.  That's just rude.

Speaking of kids, I feel like everyone has baby fever--pregnancy is everywhere!  Babies are adorable and sweet and I love cuddling and kissing them and all, but I'm not one of those women who sees a baby and gets an achy uterus.  I was wondering if I'd start to regret my choice to only have one child as The Kid got older, but it seems like I'm growing more confident of my choice instead.  Newborns are a lot of work, man.

I am, however, obsessed with puppies.  Can't stop looking at them on craigslist.  I want a puppy, da*n it!!!!
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