Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun with Stats!

Does anyone else garner endless amusement from looking at their blog statistics?  I do.  Take a look at my search keywords today:

click on the screen shot to enlarge

Two observations to be made here:

1. People are MEAN! Why are they searching for this stuff??


2. How messed up is it that my blog comes up when people hit the "search" button?

My all-time stats are slightly more positive:

It's kind of small.  Click on it if you can't see it.

It used to give me great joy that people were searching for me specifically, until I figured out that it's just my friends who don't have Google or Blogger accounts and refuse to bookmark me.  Oh well. 

The really weird thing about this set of search terms is that I only mentioned Tiffini Hale ONCE, in passing, and she's still number one source of search engine hits, other than my blog name.  How weird is that?  Must be because there is so little information about her on the web.  If you ever read this, Tiffini, I love and support you!  I didn't mean for my blog to feed any rumors of drug use--I didn't even say that you were on drugs

I apologize if I'm confusing those of you not familiar with this person.  I'll move on.

The best part about people searching for horrible things like "Megan Fox is ugly" is that they are directed to a post I wrote about how awful people are for writing stuff like that on the internet.  Case in point, my all-time stats on most popular posts:

Yeah, you're probably definitely going to have to click  on this one to see it.

Boy, I have paltry numbers, don't I?  Don't all you sponsors rush to send me your products and money, now!

Anyway, this revelation pleases me.  At least if people are searching for horrible, mean things on the internet, they are being directed to my mission to end that sort of behavior.  Also, I think that I may have helped some people avert disaster by pointing them to a dishwasher recall they may not have known about otherwise.  I'm making a difference!  Yay!

What is the weirdest search term that has showed up on your blog stats*?  Let's see what kind of freaks there are out there! 

*If you don't know how to find this information, just click on the "stats" tab at the top of your blogger home page.
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