Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who's ready to save a life?

Have any of you noticed that lovely "Be the Match"  badge over there on the right-hand side of my blog ------------->?  (oh, you have to scroll, probably.)

Clicking on it will bring you to the National Marrow Donor Program, and instruct you on how you can get started in being listed as a potential bone marrow donor for someone with a life-threatening blood-related cancer. 

I've been on the National Marrow Registry for about nine years now.  I signed up at a blood and marrow drive one time in Sacramento when a family was hoping desperately that getting the word out would lead to their loved one finding a match.  Ever since then, I've been very passionate about spreading the word on marrow donation.

I got called one time as a potential match, but after further testing it was determined that I didn't match close enough with the patient for me to go through with the procedure.  I keep my information current and keep hoping that one day I'll receive that call or e-mail telling me that I could give that gift.

It doesn't take a lot to join the registry--just a cheek swab.  The donation process is sometimes surgical, but in return you know that you have possibly saved someone's LIFE.  SAVED THEIR LIFE, guys.  Isn't that amazing?  Can you even imagine?

No pressure--I just wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get on the registry, in case you ever wanted to but didn't know how.  If you are interested in reading more information on the process, please click on the link and explore the site--there's lots of good information on there.  Here's a bigger widget, which makes watching the video a little bit easier:

Thank you all for even just considering it!  :)
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