Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Love Love

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

Ever since The Kid was born, I've begun to think of this holiday a little bit differently:  Valentine's Day should celebrate all kinds of love, not just romantic love.  I hold firmly to this belief now, because it makes things much more fun.  Sure, it's nice to dress up, go out to a fancy dinner, and exchange gifts--but it's even more fun if you also include other loved ones in on the celebration.  If more people subscribed to this idea, I guarantee you it wouldn't be such a depressing holiday for so many people.  Most everyone can find someone to love, be it a family member, friend, or pet. 

The Hubby and I tried to go out on a little Valentine's Day date last night, but halfway through dinner he decided that he felt too woozy to continue on thanks to the remnants of whatever stomach flu or food poisoning we were recently blessed with.  We paid our check, skipped the movie (guess I'll catch No Strings Attached when it comes to DVD) and texted the babysitter that we would be home early.  We stopped at Baskin-Robbins on the way home and got ice cream for all the healthy people in the house, and you know what?  It was a lot of fun.  It was nice to get home before The Kid went to bed and be able to hear about all the fun he had playing Mario Kart with his new babysitter.  We'll hire her again as soon as The Hubby is feeling better and we'll have a proper date that doesn't include conversation about vomit and diarrhea.

Today, The Hubby had to work so I took it upon myself to get the Valentine's Day festivities started around our house.  First, we made cards for several of The Kid's loved ones, including his new favorite babysitter:

He decorated, I transcribed his messages.

The inside of this one says, "Happy Valentine's Day and happy birthday!"'s not her birthday.
My card to The Kid--it's a hug monster, of course.

Next, we made and decorated cupcakes, to be delivered along with the Valentines.  I'm pretty happy with the small amount of frosting that The Kid managed to ingest--I was sure we'd be pumping his stomach for sugar poisoning by the end of the day, but he showed great restraint for a three-year old, I must say.

He puts the heart-shaped sprinkles on one-at-a-time.
I hope at least three of these are still around by Valentine's Day...

We had so much fun together!  Perhaps the Spring-like weather helped my mood along as well, but today really has been excellent.

Our Valentine's Day plans are to go and see Gnomeo and Juliet in the afternoon, and then make homemade pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni for dinner.  It's going to kick butt.
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