Sunday, December 12, 2010

A video and a survey!

We got back from Monterey last night and today we're enjoying a relaxing day at [my mother in-law's] home.  This morning, we went to breakfast at Tower Cafe in Sacramento (try the French toast!), and we were lucky enough to be seated next to Santa, who was out doing some plain-clothes recon work in preparation for Christmas Eve.  He knows if you've been bad or good, folks, and this was especially apparent to the kid, which is why he ate more of his breakfast burrito than I was expecting. 

Here's a video I took of him trying to wave at Santa:

Sadly, his wave was never acknowledged.  I told him that Santa didn't want anyone to know it was him, since he was trying to be sneaky, so that's probably why he didn't wave back. 

Monterey and Santa Cruz were beautiful!  There was a lot of fog in Santa Cruz, but we still had fun.  I took a bunch of pictures with the timer, trying to get a good Christmas Card photo.  Unfortunately, the position of the sun didn't jive all that well with my mission, but I still got some good ones.  Will you all help me decide which one to give out? 

Here are the options:

#1 (I would Photoshop out the band logo)
#2 (Dark, but whimsical!)
 #3 (Good picture of everyone, but I'm slouching)
#4 (My favorite for the color, but the kid looks kind of strange)
#5 (The hubby's favorite, but I think the sun is hitting my face oddly)

See?  Tough decision.  Please weigh in on your favorite in the comments--I would appreciate the help! 
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