Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home for the holidays!

Today is the last day of our vacation.  We are getting up tomorrow at 4am and leaving Denver so that we'll hopefully get home to KC before it's dark again.  Sigh.  Not looking forward to that drive.  It was so much easier before we had the kid.  Now we have to stop a lot more, so it takes that much longer.  Oh well.  I'm sure our dog appreciates it anyway!

Earlier today, I did some Christmas shopping while the hubby and his dad took the kid to see the new Narnia movie.  It was SO hard to hold back on the purchases, but I think I did a pretty good job at spoiling him *just* enough--he's been a good boy, after all. 

December 4th, 2009.  Gosh, am I behind this year!
Speaking of Christmas, I am so excited to get back home and get into the holiday spirit!  This weekend, we'll get a tree and decorate it, with only a week to spare before the big day.  I'm hoping that it doesn't feel like we've missed out on too much of the season, since we're getting such a late start and all.  I really look forward to watching Christmas movies non-stop and making cookies and all that good stuff!

I finished my Christmas gifts just under the wire, and they should be to my house by Christmas, which means that they'll be late to some of the recipients.  Last year, I made a hard cover book with the year-in-pictures of The Kid, narrated in rhyme, from his perspective.  Everyone loved it so much that I've decided to make it a tradition.  It's actually the perfect gift for someone who's hard to buy for, and they end up costing about as much as I would have spent on each person anyway so, score!  We buy one for ourselves, too, which serves as a sort of baby book for him since I'm too lazy to fill out the real, actual baby book.

Tonight, I have been recruited to make my Spicy Chorizo Soup for dinner, which I'm kind of looking forward to.  After two weeks of not cooking at all, I'm going to enjoy chopping and stirring.  Wish us luck for a safe drive home--next time I blog, it'll be from Kansas!
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