Monday, November 1, 2010

We Do Halloween RIGHT In Our House!

I hope everyone had a very happy Halloween! 

This holiday is a pretty big deal in our house, and it's quickly becoming the one we look forward to most every year.  We had a wonderful time this year, all dressed as Star Wars characters in home made outfits.  The kid has been playing lots of Lego Star Wars lately on the Wii, so he wanted to go as his favorite character to play, Jango Fett.  The hubby could not have been more excited, and decided to make his own Boba Fett costume to go with him.  I, of course, went as Princess Leia:

I was trying to look like I was being captured...but I looked more like a bird instead.

We.  Are.  Fierce.

Ready for candy-collecting action!
You could probably tell, but we made the costume.

See?  It was a THEME Halloween!

Some observations from this Halloween experience of mine:

1.  I totally prefer un-sexy costumes to sexy ones.  That hairdo could not have been more unflattering on me, but I took one for the team and had a blast.

2.  The kid has a weird thing about smells.  Every time he picked a piece of candy, he'd sniff it and decide it wasn't to his liking, then choose another one instead.  It was very odd and time-consuming.

3.  I will continue dressing in theme with the kid until he gets too embarrassed.  The pictures, alone, are worth the humiliation.

4.  More people recognize Princess Leia than recognize Boba Fett.  This really annoyed the hubby since he worked tirelessly for hours on his costume, cutting the armor out of metal plates and shaping it to his body, and all I did was throw on a white poncho and put my hair in buns. 

5.  That cinnamon bun hairdo is PAINFUL.  And incredibly difficult to achieve.  I used half a card of bobby pins and I still ended up with fuzzy buns.  I actually took scissors to all the stray flyaways.

6.  Spray paint works on almost anything.

7.  Paying $40 for a kid's costume is totally worth it if you can re-purpose it for next year.  He was Buzz Lightyear last year.

You know, now that I'm thinking of it, I forgot to post pictures of our costumes last year!  That was SO much fun too.  The kid was Buzz Lightyear, of course, and we bought that costume from the Disney Store.  The hubby and I, however, were an 80s duo.  I was an aerobics instructor and the hubby was The Karate Kid. 

For your visual enjoyment, I leave you with, Halloween 2009:

The kid clearly thinks we're nuts.
I can't believe people used to exercise in these!  Also, this is ironically sexy, not *actual* sexy, fyi.
He's too cool for school.  Clearly after he won the tournament.
Dear Lord, could he have been a cuter Buzz???
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