Friday, October 1, 2010

Who's a bargain shopper? I am!

The other day I got all excited about the beautiful fall weather gracing my 10-day forecast, so I decided to switch out my t-shirts for sweaters.  Out came the bins from under my bed and up on my closet shelf!  Usually when this ritual occurs, I run across all sorts of adorable things I forgot I owned, turning the experience into something of a free shopping trip.  This time...not so much.  My first reaction was, "Blah", with my second thoughts being, "Why didn't I send this stuff to Goodwill last spring?".

Needless to say, it wasn't pretty.  I was in desperate need of a shopping trip.  After talking to the hubby about it, we decided that we could afford about $200 for my fall/winter wardrobe.  Challenging?  Yes, but there is something you may not know about me:  I am an excellent bargain shopper. 

My family grew up with very little money, so I was well-trained by my mother in how to shop on a tight budget.  Every year, she'd take us back-to-school shopping at this store that always had a buy-one, get-one-for-a-penny sale.  Most of what we'd get would come from the clearance rack, so the sheer amount of clothing we came out of that place with was ludicrous.  Now, as a grown woman, I make a beeline to the back of every store I enter--straight to the clearance racks.  It's definitely second-nature.

So, clearly, $200 is a fortune for me to spend on clothes--especially considering the fact that I only needed tops, and no pants or skirts.  Four stores and two shopping trips later, here is the fruit of my labor:

3 long-sleeved organic cotton t-shirts
2 3/4-length sleeved sweaters
2 long-sleeved sweaters
1 short sleeved sweater2 tank tops (to go under things)

2 short sleeved BCBG tunics
3 pairs of socks
1 pair of sunglasses

Not bad, eh?  I could have done even better if I was shopping off-season, but oh well.  I would also like to add that many of these pieces were marked down from $50+.  I was going to take pictures of myself wearing everything, but I decided that was too much work, so you'll have to make due with this pile of clothes. 

Tomorrow: our first fall festival of the year (Applefest), then dinner with HulaBuns and Binderclips at our house!  The weather man calls for sunny skies with a high of 67 degrees, so one of my new sweaters will be making its debut.  Man, oh man...I love the autumn.  :)
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