Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life through the eyes of a 3-year old

In my last post, I included a photo that I had The Kid take of me with caulk all over my arms.  My friend A commented on the quality of his photography skills, which got me to thinking:  why not dedicate an entire post to his art?  

What's that?  It's not art, you say?  Well, considering that this passes for art these days, I would definitely say that my kid's camera skills should certainly qualify.  So, without further ado, an tour of life through the eyes of a three-year old (or at least, my three-year old).

While sifting through the hundreds of photos The Kid has taken in the past six months, most of the photographs fit neatly into one of the following categories:

1.  Pictures of the TV, playing various childrens shows/movies:

 Tellingly, there was not one picture in the bunch of an adult-oriented television show, so he's clearly hoping to capture a shot of Kung Fu Panda or Spongebob, and not the scratches that he dug into the screen with a file about a year ago.  Yeah, click the pictures to enlarge--it's not pretty.

 2.  Pictures of things he likes:

3.  Out of focus/abstract photos:

4.  Pictures I ask him to take:

 He was certainly handy when I went to visit my best friend and he new baby in the hospital!

5.  Pictures of his parents:


 Can you believe that last one??  I love it.  I did crop it a *little* bit, but not much at all...it wasn't crooked or anything, I just cut out some utility polls.

 6.  Pictures of our dog, Vinnie:

 7.  Pictures of people he likes:

8.  Self-portraits

I think you will agree, now that you've witnessed his impeccable eye for composition, focus, and subject matter, that my child is gifted as heck.  I am now taking orders for prints of these and other original works, for the low, low price of $10,000 a piece.  Can you say BARGAIN?

Seriously though, I'm just happy that he likes taking pictures of things I wouldn't think to turn the camera on.  And he's only broken one camera so far!  It was a small price to pay for his artistic enlightenment.  :)
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