Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dancin' with my baby

Today started out awful.  I was annoyed at everyone.  Why do all the people have to go out on Saturdays to the same places I need to go?  And why do so many of them try to get run over by my car?  Seriously, it's like they're trying.  Luckily, I didn't give any of those masochists the satisfaction--I missed every last one, though barely at times.

I tried my best to get a new window treatment for my living room today, but I've only made it about 1/3 of the way so far.  If it sounds like I know about things like window treatments, I apologize, for that is not the case.  For the last six years and up until today, I had an incredibly ugly white aluminum mini-blind hanging haphazardly over my big living room window.  We put it on when we moved in and since it kept the sun out, we figured that was good enough.  It wasn't until recently that it started falling off the wall and onto my head about every fifth time that I pulled the cord.  Then about a week ago, the thingy broke that closed the slats, so it was permanently aimed down, which the hubby has a weird problem with.  

So, I was determined to make my window look like it belongs in a grown-up's house, and I set out to do that by buying curtains and blinds.  I ended up getting this really cool-looking bamboo Roman shade, but it turns out that it doesn't actually block out the sun--or give us any privacy.  Dumb, right?  Although the picture on the box looks like this:

Source (in case you want to buy any useless but attractive blinds for your own windows)

these shades, in all actuality, are completely transparent.  I went back to get the blind liners (sold separately just in case you actually want your blinds to, you know, provide privacy or block the sun), and the lady at Home Depot told me that they stopped selling them because nobody bought them.  WTF?  I must be missing something, because by the looks of their bamboo shade inventory, they sell the heck out of them.  Anyway, I went home and ordered the liners online, and they ended up costing me almost as much as the shades themselves after tax and shipping.  BLAH.

I also got some sheers to go over the blinds, but I haven't gotten around to getting a curtain rod yet.  I was too annoyed after the whole shade debacle to go traipsing around the city for an affordable curtain rod, and I am NOT paying $40 for a curtain rod at Home Depot.  This stuff is just not that important to me.

Weird.  Every time I hit return twice, it takes me to the beginning of the last paragraph I typed.  Hm.

Anyway, I was really annoyed today.  However, I was saved from my misery by attending a wedding this evening.  Although it was a Catholic wedding (long), and we had the kid with us (challenging), the whole thing was beautiful and incredibly enjoyable.  Good food, free beer, and dancing:  what more could I ask for?

As I may have mentioned before, the kid is an incredible dancer--he shakes that booty like nobody's business, and he does it with flair, which usually involves some break dance moves.  Here he is, dancing to "Stand By Me":

What?  You don't break dance to ballads?

The wedding was at a pretty late hour for a toddler, so we had to leave right when the dance floor started bumpin', but I did get in one good dance with my baby to a very suitable song:  "Let's Hear it for the Boy".

I think that one of the best things about having a kid is that I get to go home early, before I drink too much and wake up with a hangover the next day.  Call me an old fogie, but I can't think of anything better than being in bed and asleep by midnight nowadays.  Speaking of which, that's where I'm headed right now.  Goodnight, blog people!
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