Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm likin' the Twitter!

So, as you all know, I was a little confused when I started using Twitter.  As the days have passed, however, I have grown more and more fond of it.  How fun it is to fill up that little "What's Happening" box with 140 characters!

(something I am particularly good at)

I'm following CNN, which is probably the fastest way ever invented to get your news.  I mean, if something happens, I'm pretty much always the first of my friends to know about it--which is a dream for someone like me, who looks at Yahoo! News about 20 times a day. 

I'm also really enjoying following celebrities.  It's fun to be able to tell Kristin Chenoweth directly how much I enjoyed her autobiography, or to see pictures of Jewel's recent road trip to Montana on her motorcycle.  I'm also meeting people on Twitter, which I didn't think was really possible, but apparently it happens.  It's like being introduced by a mutual friend, if that mutual friend were someone who neither of us actually knew at all, but both stalked and admired.

Today, one of my (nine) followers, Frosty Wit, tweeted a question:

I saw Jimmy Fallon tweet something about "Follow Friday", so I tweeted Frosty back this:

After that tweet, I felt pretty dumb, because upon further inspection of his first tweet, it seemed like he knew what it meant.  Oh well.  I look dumb on Twitter a lot, since I still don't understand what I'm doing beyond typing in that little box and re-tweeting.  Luckily, my ignorance paid off, because soon after the exchange, I got this in my e-mail inbox:

Apparently, Jimmy Fallon saw my mention of him in that tweet and decided to show me EXACTLY what Follow Friday meant--woohoo!  So, now I have TEN followers, and one of them is famous!  That means ONE-TENTH of my Twitter Followers are famous people.  Oh yeah.  Take THAT, Ashton Kutcher!  

So anyway, I'm feeling pretty cool today, and I'm likin' the Twitter.  If you are on Twitter and you'd like to follow me, I guess I'll let you mess up my famous to non-famous-person-follower-ratio.  If you're famous and would like to follow me, I'm ok with that too.  :)
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