Wednesday, August 11, 2010

L is for List.

Where has the time gone?  Has it really been two weeks since my last blog post?  I think this oppressive heat has fried my creative brain cells, or at least he ones responsible for putting together cohesive thoughts.  This calls for a list.

1.  Excessive heat warnings have been in effect for nearly the last two weeks straight.  Heat indexes over 100 have kept me and the kid inside, watching movies, playing with his toys, and playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.  I'm headed to the pool this evening for only the second time since my surgery, and I'm hoping to build some of the muscle tone I lost while lying around in recovery.

2.  I'm thinking about trying to get an agent and do some commercial modeling, mostly for extra money.  I'm having a friend take some pictures next week, so we'll see how that goes!  I think it's a good time in my life to take up this sort of thing.  When I was younger, I did a little bit of modeling/acting, but the pressure was always very great to look perfect and be unnaturally (for me) thin.  I'm thinking that now I'm in my 30's, I can be more of a mom-type and so I won't be competing against 20-year olds for jobs.  Hopefully I can make a few bucks!

3.  Some old friends recently came to visit, and I made them fruit pizza!  I almost completely forgot about fruit pizza.  It's unbelievably delicious.  For those of you who don't know about it, here's what it looks like:

And here's how how you make it:

 - Buy a roll of sugar cookie dough.
 - Press it into a pizza pan and bake it until golden.
 - Let it cool.
 - Mix together a brick of cream cheese and a jar of marshmallow fluff.  Spread it on the cookie.
 - Top with whatever fruit you want.

4.  My birthday is a week from today!  Woot!  The plan was for me to jump out of a plane, but finances and healing have moved the party to the much-less-dangerous location of a karaoke bar.  The hubby put it together, and it was going to be a surprise, but since I don't really dig on surprises, I got it out of him.  I sure hope people show up!  If any of you kind readers wish to get me something for my birthday that you know I'll like, go here.  And if any of you know anyone in my family who doesn't read this blog but is planning on getting me a gift, could you please point them there?  I'm not sure how to let them know about the wish list without sounding like I'm begging for gifts. Veeeeeeeery tricky.

5.  Looks like we're going to California in December, and I'm really looking forward to it!  The mother in-law lives in the Sacramento area, and we'll be visiting her with a brief sojourn to San Francisco to see friends.  Planning this trip has made me realize that San Francisco is my ideal climate--it's practically autumn year-round there.  Unfortunately, we would have to make over twice what we make now, as a family, to afford the cost of living increase.  Very sad, indeed.  Oh well.  At least I know that Kansas City won't be falling into the ocean any time soon, unlike some places.

6.  I'm going through some really crappy stuff with family.  Falling-out-type stuff.  It all sucks big time.

7.  I dyed a bikini yesterday, one which I plan on wearing to the pool this evening.  It was white last year, but when I rescued it from the back of my drawer two days ago, it was white with dingy yellow stripes.  Not attractive!  Rather than soak it in bleach until it very nearly disintegrated, I opted to purchase a packet of chocolate-colored RIT dye from Michael's for $2.49 and take my chances.  Here's hoping that I don't end up with a brown cloud surrounding me as soon as I jump in the pool!
The kid has woken up from his nap, so I will wrap up this list.  I'll leave you with a picture I took the other night, after having a (belated) celebratory dinner for our anniversary. 

My artistic eye was keen that night, though my thoughts were cloudy after a 12-oz. martini!
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