Thursday, August 19, 2010

Karaoke, baby!

My head hurts.  I really didn't drink very much last night, so I have no idea why I have such a headache today...oh, wait.  I haven't drank any water.  I just realized that the only thing I've had to drink today is two cups of English Breakfast tea.  Gimme one second.

Ah, that was refreshing!  Why is it that if you drink a glass of water really quickly, it makes your head pound more?  Hopefully it will help in the long-run.

So--my birthday!  It was lovely, thank you all for the well-wishes.  The hubby planned a karaoke party for me, which I found very sweet and thoughtful.  About half of the attendees dropped out for various reasons, but that was fine with me, because I'm not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but I'm not a fan of big crowds.  We ended up being a party of seven for dinner, which was just the right size, if you ask me. 

Dinner was at Gordon-Biersch and was very tasty!  I had lobster and shrimp tacos and a lemon drop martini. 
Gosh, I love him!

That's my sister giving the family smile to the camera there, on the right.         

Karaoke was just across the street from the restaurant, and we headed over right after it began.  The Indie on Main only started hosting karaoke about a month ago, but WOW!  What an awesome place to sing!  Aside from the fact that practically every one of the 20-30 bar patrons takes a turn at the mic (leading to a long wait between turns), this is one awesome venue.  Swanky decor, comfy seats, and the music is pumped through speakers onto the street in front, so passers-by can hear each performer loud and clear.  If the purpose of karaoke is to make you feel like a rockstar, this place gets it right.

Has anyone EVER looked this cool sitting in a bar?  I doubt it.

I sang "Who Will Save Your Soul", a duet of "Love Shack" with a stranger (the hubby gets stomach cramps at the mere idea of singing in front of strangers), and "Valentine", which I dedicated to my scaredy-cat hubby in the cheesiest fashion possible.

How could I not dedicate a song to this handsome hunk of a hubby?


As much as I enjoy karaoke, I get really scared right before I go on, and my brain starts to go a hundred miles a minute.  All of a sudden, there is not enough alcohol in the bar to calm my nerves.
 Did I pick the right song?  What if I can't hit the notes now?  I am going to look stupid.  What do I do with my hands?  Should I dance around?  I'm definitely going to look stupid.  Oh God, it's my turn, don't puke don't puke don't puke...

But as soon as I'm up there, I remember that I'm actually a really good singer, and the crowd is always very encouraging.  By the end of the song, I'm generally making ridiculous hand gestures as I prance around doing a dance that is akin to something my three-year old son would do. 

Then by the time I leave the stage, getting high-fives from the crowd as I make my way back to my seat, I'm ready to grab the book and pick out another song so I can do it all over again.

Though it's not the best movie, Duets did a great job at portraying the excitement that is karaoke.  I don't make it out nearly often enough since I have a toddler and all, but every time I do go, I get the bug and want to go all the time.  I had an offer last night to join a band, which I've always wanted to do, but I don't think I could manage band practice/gigs around the hubby's work schedule, since it's so erratic.  Maybe when the kid gets a little older.  Oh well!

So, now that the birthday is over and done, what have I got to look forward to?  I guess Autumn, then our California trip in December are really the next big highlights of my life.  Hopefully things will calm down around here soon and I can get back to a more leisurely life, and a more regular blogging schedule.  I feel like I've been going a million miles a minute, and the first thing that always gets neglected seems to be my blog!  Sorry, but whatareyagonnado, right?

I'm off to hopefully catch a few zzzzzs before the kid wakes up from his nap.  Trying to nap myself is usually a guaranteed way to wake him up, so wish me luck!
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