Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy birthday, blog!

Exactly one year ago tonight, I logged into Blogger and created Year 31.  For years, I've been of the opinion that age 30 is the epitome of awesome for a woman, and so I was super-duper excited to turn 30 and wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion and document the year, hence the creation of this blog.

I was born on my mom's birthday, if you're wondering why she's blowing out my candles.

Over my 31st year of life, I wrote 107 blog posts (not including this one), got a $2 parking ticket, tried to sell our house for the third time, visited Rhode Island for the first time, had my wisdom teeth pulled, created a blog award, posted a vlog, saved some turtles from certain death, had my dog Daisy put to sleep, escaped The Plague, attempted to take pictures of all my food whilst on vacation, had my gallbladder removed, and attempted (but failed miserably) to hault the Hollywood Hate Parade.  And that's only what I documented!  Rest assured that there was also heartache, conflict, sickness, joy, happiness, laughter, and more that didn't get blogged about. While I did keep it real, I also tried to keep from hurting anyone's feelings or embarrassing myself too badly, and I think I did a pretty great job at keeping that balance.

To be honest, I don't look back on this year as being a banner year in any way, other than being the year that I entered my 30s.  The sense of well-being and attainment of beauty that I was looking forward to did, however, come to pass, and I think those two things alone made this year a great one for me.  In my first blog post I mentioned my (unscientific and unproven) theory that a woman is her most beautiful at the age of 30.  Since then, a study was published in the UK that actually suggests that I was off by a year.  Thirty-ONE, it turns out, is the year to look forward to.  I would like to take this opportunity to gracefully admit my mistake, and concede the point to the aforementioned study.  Therefore, I have an entire year ahead of me in which I will NOW become the most gorgeous, sexiest me I can be.  Woohoo!  Who could ask for a better birthday gift than that?

BRING IT ON, 31!!!
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