Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Halting the Hate Parade: A Mission!

Why are so many girls so catty?  Don't they realize that talking crap about one another doesn't make them look better by comparison, it just makes them look mean?  This is especially true when it comes to looks, which is usually the one thing girls are most critical about with one another.

I guess that females have always been this way towards one another, but now that there's the internet, with some sense of anonymity, it seems to have gotten worse.  To see evidence of this, one only has to look at the comments under a celebrity news blog.  On OMG!, the Yahoo celebrity blog, for example, I didn't have to click but once to find the cattiness--it's in the comments section of every single post.  For instance, here's a picture of Cameron Diaz on the red carpet:

Gosh, she's beautiful, right?  Well, not according to the comments section:

That's, of course, a small sampling, and there are also many positive comments, but why do people feel the need to say mean things at all?  Didn't their mom's teach them not to say anything at all if it's not nice?  There are even worse comments, some calling her downright "ugly".  I don't understand that, because, objectively, there is no possible way a sane person could think she was ugly.  Maybe she doesn't win the crown for the world's most gorgeous person, but ugly?  I think not.

Take a look at this Facebook group, dedicated to letting the world know that Megan Fox is ugly:

Click to enlarge

 Really, people?  REALLY?  Calling someone ugly won't make you any prettier, and clicking on that "Like" button up there will just make you look like a horrible (or really stupid) person.  You may not like her movies or her attitude, but the one sure thing about Megan Fox is that she is drop-dead gorgeous.
I don't know how celebrities do it, especially women, who seem to bear the brunt of the hate-force.  There was a time in my life when I thought I wanted to be famous, but that was before the internet and paparazzi exploded the way it has--now I feel like I dodged a bullet by not going down that road.  I know that I wouldn't be able to handle people saying mean things about me all over the internet, because whenever it happens even once in real life, I can barely hold back the tears.  Having an argument with someone is one thing, but picking on them is another thing altogether.  What did Gwyneth Paltrow ever do to you?

I guess it's just kind of gotten to me the last few days--it feels like cattiness is going around more and more lately.  I hope none of my readers partake in this sort of thing, but if you do, please stop to think before you talk or type something mean.  Here are some good guidelines to go by, I think:

1.  Don't say something just to hurt someone's feelings, especially if they have done nothing to you personally.

2.  Don't say anything about someone that would make you ashamed if your mom/grandma/preacher/child found out you said it.

3.  Don't pick on someone who's not there to defend themselves.

4.  Don't say something about someone to someone else that you wouldn't say to them directly.

5.  If you aren't sure if you should say it, err on the safe side and say nothing.

Maybe if everyone makes a little extra effort to be nice, we can stop the Hate Parade altogether and change the world!  Worst case scenario, we'll be better people.  And nice people are sexier.  :)

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