Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boring boredom.

I hate when people say that are bored.  I don't know if I first heard it from my mom or from someone else, but the phrase, "Only boring people get bored" always stuck with me.  I like that saying.  It implies that if you're bored, you're not trying hard enough to entertain yourself.  I use that phrase as ammunition against the teenagers in my life who don't seem to know what boredom is, having been born after the internet/cell phones/video games/cable TV/Netflix were invented.

 I am here to officially change my stance on this issue and change the saying to, "Only boring people and those on bed rest get bored."  Yes, I am BORED.  How can it be that, mere days ago, there were not enough hours in the day when I am now overwhelmed by the number of not only hours, but minutes and seconds, in a day?  Time has never oozed so slowly.  I've already watched three chick flicks, played endless hours of Bejeweled, taken a shower, updated my Amazon wish list (conveniently adding a link from my blog), bantered on Facebook, and started a novel, and it's only 5:38 pm.  I was so looking forward to the rest I would get from this surgery, but now I can't wait to be able to get up and around again.  This is torture!

Yesterday I got a little overly-brave on my hydrocodone and decided that I had enough energy to go to Walmart with the hubby and the kid.  Ye-ah.  That didn't happen.  I never got out of the car, and by the ride home I was cursing myself for ever having thought I could get around so well two days after surgery.  Today, I thought again I would run some errands with the hubby, but the ever-tightening knot where my gallbladder used to lie changed my mind for me and forced me back into bed.  This flat-out sucks, people.

On top of the boredom, I feel like a horrible mother every time the kid comes up to me and tells me he's hungry or asks me to refill his juice cup.  "Go ask your dad", I have to reply.  Not that he seems to be suffering--the hubby has been doing a great job of keeping the kid busy with errands, movies, and trips to the swimming pool.  In fact, I'm a little worried that when I'm better, the kid will be disappointed with only me to keep him company during the day.  One nice effect of this situation is that maybe the hubby can appreciate my daily grind a little better than he did before. 

Tonight, after the kid goes to bed, the hubby is going to see a movie with some friends, leaving me again alone in bed.  I told him he could go--it's not like he's being cold-hearted or anything--I just wish that I had something to look forward to when he leaves.  Maybe if I'm not too doped up, I'll work on my novel some more.  I've started a novel twice before and never gotten past the second chapter; but then, I've never worked on one while laid up from surgery either.  Maybe I could even finish the whole thing before the hubby has to to back to work!  Ok, now I'm reaching.  I'm going to go mess around on Facebook some more.  Blah.

In an effort to make this post less boring, I will leave you with a photo I took on a recent visit to the zoo of a chimpanzee breastfeeding her baby.  Who doesn't love a breastfeeding simian?

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