Monday, June 28, 2010

Summertime...and the livin's NUTTY!

I woke up in a really good mood--very happy and optimistic after a fabulous date night with my husband (I highly recommend Knight & Day).  As the day has progressed and I've been working on my "to do" list, I've become increasingly anxious. 

It started with a call to the hospital to pre-register for some tests I'm having done on Thursday.  The lady told me she would call me back with my estimated bill total so that I could pay it over the phone, since the hospital has a policy of getting paid before services are rendered.  Now I'm scared that she's going to call me back with a $500 quote for a couple of tests.  Still waiting on that call.  I feel like I could use a Xanax, but with two children in my house that I have to drive somewhere soon, that's probably a bad idea.  Whoever invented Xanax was not very smart about it:  if I had the time to take a nap every time I felt anxious, I wouldn't need the darn pill to begin with!

Anyway, as I sat here worrying about the impending phone call, I began to mentally plan out my summer schedule in my head, which compounded the anxiety.  Here's what's coming up in the next two months:

  • Fourth of July party at my house
  • The kid's 3rd birthday and subsequent birthday party
  • A trip to my dad's house for the weekend
  • A trip to Omaha for the weekend
  • A visit from my 16 year-old brother for several days
  • A visit from a couple friend of ours for a day or two
  • A visit from my mother in-law for a week or so
  • A trip with my mother in-law to Chicago when she comes to visit (at least, I think that's still the plan)
  • My 9th wedding anniversary
  • My 31st birthday
  • Several medical tests which may lead to surgery
  • Tae Kwon Do lessons for the kid twice a week

It's funny that most of those things would actually go in the "leisure" category of life, but when you put them all together in such a short amount of time, they become more like obligations.  Hm.

I'm noticing that many people have neglected their blogs now that it's summer--you all must be busy "relaxing" too.  Maybe once autumn hits and the living's not "easy" anymore, we can all get back to our writing.  I knew I liked autumn best...
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