Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hi guys! Recognize me?

This is me waving at you from my couch, with darker hair!  It only took three boxes and two days.  Apparently, even though my hair is barely shoulder-length, it requires two boxes of Natural Instincts.  Last night's attempt led to several unfortunate leopard-like light spots on my head, so I had to go get two more boxes to do my whole head again.  I am thinking that Clairol will be getting a strongly-worded letter about the inadequacy of the amount of product in their boxes.  Seriously, all they have to do is put a disclaimer somewhere on the box:  "Warning:  If you don't have a boy haircut, you will require more than one box to dye your whole head."  Would that be so difficult?

Oh, and fyi, this is semi-permanent dye, so I expect it will lighten up quite a bit.

Off to dinner with some friends!  Later gators!
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