Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Fever List.

Because I am a slacker who can't seem to finish a thought, much less a blog post that flows seamlessly, today's post will be a list.

People like lists, right?

*Yesterday I went to BCBG Final Cut and got 5 items for under $50. It was awesome.

*Date Night
was awesome, both the movie and the actual date. I would describe the film as a modern-day Adventures in Babysitting, but instead of a babysitter, there is a boring suburbanite couple who are waaaaay funnier than Elisabeth Shue. And they don't have to sing any blues.

*I am stuck without a car today because the hubby fixed his car on Sunday. And by "fixed", I mean that he messed with it so much that it doesn't work at all anymore. It is in the shop. I hate not having a car. I am patiently waiting for my mom, who is visiting from Illinois and staying with my sister, to come pick me and the kid up so that we can do something. Apparently, we had two different conversations last night regarding this issue, since I thought she was coming early this morning and she thought she had the whole morning to herself to watch HGTV. Did I mention I hate not having a car?

*Anxiety has once again struck, and I am considering going back on daily medication for it. Argh!

*The kid has a black eye because of an unfortunate accident with a punching bag balloon. It was really sad...he was laying on top of it and it popped. When I'm out in public, I'm afraid that everyone thinks I abuse him, even though my mom says that every little boy should get a black eye sometimes. I'm pretty sure she thinks like this because she only had girls.

*I know I am getting old because every time I go out in public, I see young people dressed like hipsters and say "I can't believe kids these days!". I went into Urban Outfitters the other day and sifted through the clearance rack to find a couple of possibly cute tops, and when I went to try them on the dressing room attendant looked like he stepped right out of Napoleon Dynamite, complete with the 80's porno-mustache. Wasn't that movie supposed to be funny because everyone looked so stupid? How did that style become something that people actually emulate un-ironically?

*I started dying my own hair again. My sister has gotten a full-time job, and no longer has time to highlight it. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's super-nice not to have to wait for her to have time to do it, and not to waste like 6 hours on getting my hair done (yes, it really does take that long with a kid running around). On the other hand, I can't do highlights myself, so I have to do a single-process, which isn't as pretty. Oh well! At least I'm getting the gray covered up, which is the major reason I color my hair in the first place.

*For some reason, lately I feel like I have a license to spend a bunch of money, even though I don't have it. I think I have what's called "Spring Fever". I want to go buy clothes and makeup and self-tanner and plants and gardening stuff and other things I don't need. I want to go out to nice dinners and sit on the patios of restaurants, drinking martinis and eating salads. I need to find a way to make some more money! I would be a great rich person.

*Maybe I can find a way of parlaying my talent for making cars out of Play Doh into a profit? Maybe not.

Hopefully I will be able to put some thoughts together into a more cohesive blog post soon...I'm going to blame the Spring Fever for this one. Now, I'm going outside to enjoy the 80-degree weather!
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