Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's all fun and games...

You know the saying.

Easter at my dad's house was AWESOME. There was an egg hunt, an Easter egg fight, and a game of dodge frisbee!

We began the day with a three hour-long drive from home to here, in which the kid did not sleep one wink. I'm not really liking this whole "no nap" thing, but he was pretty cute and didn't even complain once. We had a laptop for him to watch movies on, but we never turned it on because he stayed pretty content with the radio and frequent "Are we there yet?"s. It's amazing that a 2 1/2 year old comes up with that phrase on his own--I guess there really is no other way to put it. He was so excited to get here and hunt eggs that he wouldn't even let me get him out of his seat at the gas station to pick out a drink. Now THAT'S dedication.

Let's just say that the kid wasn't disappointed! This was a great day. There were a ton of kids here to hunt for the 468 candy and prize-filled eggs that my stepmom had been so generous to provide. Luckily, they have a lot of acreage out here. My best friend Marlene showed up with her adorable son and her baby bump. Here are some photos from the egg hunting action:

The kid was an egg-hunting-machine. He found 52! Luckily, we were able to distract him with bubbles and a trampoline so that he didn't eat it all at once.

My stepmom took all the littlest kids for a ride on the golf cart:

I'm pretty sure I can pinpoint the beginning of the end to an Easter egg fight. The kid started it, I will freely admit. He's got quite the arm, if I haven't mentioned it before. Although not yet three, that kid can pelt a cousin in the face at a distance of ten feet. It's pretty amazing, to be honest. The hubby got in on it, and then it got more serious.

My dad thought it was a good idea to take it outside, in the form of a dodge frisbee match. It's like dodge ball, but with frisbees, so much more dangerous. You get the idea. I think his thought process must have been something like this: "Hm...those plastic eggs don't hurt enough when they pelt each other with them...let's get something harder, faster, and sharper to throw." I never really realized it in all of our 13 years together, but apparently the hubby is a little competitive when it comes to these types of sports.

Yes, my hubby did that to this poor little kid: got him square in the eye with a turbo-frisbee. He didn't stand a chance. The day that started with an innocent egg hunt ended in carnage. Luckily, the victim wasn't hurt so badly that he couldn't see the cool-factor in having a black eye. He was actually a little excited about it, in the end.

Up today: more egg hunting at my Grandma's house! 80 degree weather should make for a pretty awesome Easter, and of course lots more pictures. Now, if only I can get my kid to eat something more than candy, we'll be in good shape! Stay tuned...

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