Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ah, memories.

Hello, all!

I am feeling 100% better than yesterday. Maybe I'm bi-polar...or just too much tea. Either way, I'll take it!

Could this weather BE any more beautiful? 80 degrees and breezy = park time! The windows are open and the fresh air is flowing through the house. I keep getting flashbacks to my childhood, of my mom walking me to Summer school early in the morning in the fresh, humid air. I still remember the way that school smelled, and silly little details about going there. I must have been 3 or 4, because it was before we'd moved in the middle of my Kindergarten year and we lived in the blue house in Springfield, MO. That house had white wagon wheels in the front yard and an above-ground pool in the back yard.

Anyway, I was very shy as a child, and my best memory about Summer school was winning "magic wands" practically every day. You see, when nap time came and we rolled out our mats (or in my case, towel, since we didn't have much money), there was always a contest to see who could be the quietest. When the lights came back on, the teacher awarded the mousiest child with a magic wand, which was a drinking straw with a yellow construction paper star glued to the end. Every day that I won one, my mom helped me hang my new treasure up on my wall over my bunk bed. By the end of the Summer, I didn't have a bare spot left--the entire space was covered. Finally, being shy was coming in handy! I was so proud of myself.

Speaking of the blue house, I have a lot of memories of living there. It's kind of surprising, seeing as how I was between the ages of 3-4 at the time. Here's a run-down (another list!) of what I remember:

* I almost drowned in that pool! I fell through the hole in a Smurfs floaty. I vividly remember sitting at the bottom of the pool, looking around, and thinking, "Hm. I'm on the bottom of the pool." It felt like a really long time before my mom came down to rescue me, but I'm sure it couldn't have been too terribly long, because I didn't need CPR or anything.

*The ice cream man came around that house frequently. My parents taught me and my sisters how to wave a dollar at him, to let him know that we were paying customers. The ice cream man comes around here, too, but I'm hoping that my kid doesn't catch on for a while.

*That house was haunted! Seriously haunted. My sister and I saw a ghost of a woman in an airplane land on our roof once. We both still remember it vividly, and I'm pretty much convinced it was Amelia Earhart now that I'm grown up and know who she is. We didn't realize at the time that a plane couldn't land on our roof, so we were very confused when we went inside to tell our parents what had happened and they didn't believe us.

*I had ear surgery while living in that house, and I've still got the emotional scars! I had some sort of growth that had to be removed from the inside of my ear, so I had to be put under for it. The nurse told me, "We're going to give you a balloon, and then a mask!" Wow! I was so excited! She blew up a rubber glove for me and gave it to me as a balloon. I was not impressed, but I was sure that the mask would be some cool Halloween mask that would make my sister very jealous. Instead, they rolled me into the surgery room, held me down, and forced a GAS MASK over my face! It was horrible! I'm pretty sure that's why I have issues with being restrained and claustrophobia to this day. A week or so after the surgery, I remember putting my finger in my ear and having blood on it. Gross.

I will leave you, on this beautiful day, with two of my favorite photos from my childhood: toilet photos!

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