Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm old.

Thank god for DVR. Otherwise I'd have to sit through the entire American Idol results show, with the excruciatingly cheesy group numbers and Seacrest's long, uncomfortable, dramatic pauses. Why is this results show an hour long??? They could do the whole thing start to finish during a commercial break for Glee.

Just put us out of our misery! This group rendition of "Walkin' On Sunshine" is only twisting the damn knife!

St. Patrick's Day is stupid now. I never really was a big fan, but now that I have the kid, I just want to stay locked up in my house all day and avoid the drunk drivers. Eggs and Kegs is a big thing around here, where people go out on the morning of St. Patty's to drink beer and eat breakfast. Seriously? That didn't even appeal to me when I was 21. I like corned beef and cabbage, but not enough to brave the crowds of any place that would be serving it. God, I'm old.

I am such a bad procrastinator that I have procrastinated entertaining myself. I want to watch a movie on Netflix, but it's already 9:14 and I don't know whether it's even worth it now. Did I mention that I'm old?

OMG, I just saw the girl who played Nicole's best friend Shelby on My Two Dads doing an Arby's commercial. I don't know who I'm more embarrassed for: her, that she's resorted to fast food commercials, or myself for recognizing her.

I love Jamoca Shakes!

Ok, I'm going to cuddle up under a blanket and watch Postcards from the Edge now, at least until I fall asleep. I think I may have mentioned it, but this seals the deal: I'm old.

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