Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm no psychic, but...

California is so about to fall into the Pacific.

I woke up to many of my Los Angeles Facebook friends talking about the earthquake they felt last night. Upon Googling "Los Angles Earthquake", I found this:

Recent earthquakes near Los Angeles, California

Time Magnitude Location
4 hours ago 4.4 Greater Los Angeles area, California Map
Yesterday 3.0 Northern California Map
2 days ago 4.2 Southern California Map

Yeah, Southern California didn't just have an earthquake last night, they also had one two days ago, of about the same magnitude. And Northern California had one yesterday.

Now, I understand that all these earthquakes are not centered in the same spot, and I am no seismologist, but I know a trend when I see one. With all the Earthquakes going on all over the world, it would seem that our Earth is angry about something and the tectonic plates are shifting on a much more regular and violent basis. A 4.4 earthquake is nothing to laugh at, but it's certainly not what one would expect after the devastation in Chile and Haiti. This got me thinking: what if these are all just foreshocks?

So, I googled "aftershocks and foreshocks" which brought me to the US Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program page. The information there basically says that some earthquakes which are thought of as the "main event" actually end up being foreshocks when a much larger quake strikes soon after. They had a nifty chart to share, too:

So, my theory is that these little guys are actually foreshocks to a much larger event* and that Californians should be prepared for the worst--which may or may not require wetsuits and flotation devices. You can't say you weren't warned!

*Earthquakes cannot yet be predicted by scientists or hack bloggers such as myself. This theory was thought up as a result of no caffeine in my system and an unhealthy facebook/news/google addiction.
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