Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm a nagging mom. Transcript time.

Me: You ready for your nap?

Kid: I don't wanna take a NAP!

Me: Ok, then, go clean up your toys and we'll go to Wal-mart

Kid: O-KAY. Jeez, Mom. You makin' me so TIRED.

This has been my day. I have been trying to get the kid to clean up his train toys for...oh...four or five hours now? I figure maybe I'll wear him down eventually to where he'll either (a) clean it up or (b) take a nap. Either way, score!

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working. He actually seems more hyper than normal. I really want to take a nap too, dang it. That last blog post kept me up way too late and the hubby won't be home from work until much later than normal tonight, so this will be my one chance to rejuvenate. I would never actually slip him the Nyquil or Benadryl, but it's tempting!

Here's a little transcript for now:

Hey, hey! Those bad guys! Pey-ow! (shooting his ball nerf gun at the wall)


Shoot em. Shoot.

(throws gun. Sits down to pick up a glow bracelet, which was hiding amongst the train tracks.)

Mom. Why you get...uh...why you...Mom! I put this on, Mom! I put this on all by myself, Mom! I put this on!

Me: you did?

Yeah, look! So I can't eat have popcorn or have a fun boat mom. Dad said I can't have fun boat.

Ahhhh! (pretends to eat train tracks)

Good idea, good idea

Look! (shows me he's eating the train tracks)

Me: What are you eating?


Me: Go put it away or you're gonna take a nap right now.


Where train go in? It go in this! (finds the box) It goes in this it goes in this it goes in this....(in a sing-song voice)

(putting the train tracks into his Halloween pumpkin, then dumping them into the box in which they belong)

More and more and more. And more and more and more. (he really does have a lot of tracks to pick up)

I helpin' mom!

Me: Awesome!

Too much energy. Too much energy for me! Too much energy.

Well, at least he did about half the job. I'm off to help him with the rest and either put him down for a nap or take him to finish our grocery shopping. Wish me luck!
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