Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Holy balls!

Today I've felt a little antsy to get the house in order, even though the majority of my Spring Cleaning will be done when I can finally open the windows without freezing my booty off. I started by doing a little organizing around my computer, throwing away lots of scrap paper and candy wrappers, mostly.

The kid decided that he really wanted to play with his hot wheels set, but couldn't find a car. The most logical place I could think to look was under the couch, so I decided to clean under there next. I did eventually find three hot wheels for him to play with, but only after clearing out copious amounts of paper, balls, McDonald's toys, balls, snack bowls, balls, old cocoa puffs, and balls.

Did I mention balls?

TWENTY balls I pulled out from under the couch. Twenty-one if you count the acorn we brought home last fall, which I do (see it on top of the pile there, in front?). Those green ones go to a Nerf gun, and I am pretty sure there are at least five more of them behind the television, where they were shot and never retrieved. I'll save that job for when the windows go up, as I'm sure the dust which will be stirred will cause my allergies to go nuts.

Anyway, just wanted to share. I have to go--I hear the kid crunching on the four-month old cocoa puffs--definitely not healthy.
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