Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

I am tired. Daylight savings time sucks. I'm just trying to be nice and optimistic in my title, there ^.

Why is it that you can't see DST on your cable schedule? Shouldn't it skip from 2 to 3am? Because it DOESN'T. And in the Fall, 1am doesn't appear twice, either. I know this because I always scroll forward to check. Many times, I have tried to stay up until 2 to see what happens, but I never make it. It's like waiting for Santa, but more magical, because DST is REAL.

My day was good. I gave blood at my church's blood drive, went out to Mexican food, came home and took a nap, played with the kid outside, and blogged about courtesy. Good stuff.

On the topic of giving blood, I used to do it every six weeks back when we lived in California, and I think I may start again. Although the needles and light-headedness are not entirely pleasant, the free Oreos, pretzels, and soda make it totally worth it. Oh, and the feeling that I've done something good for mankind is good too. If you are eligible, I highly recommend it. To find a Red Cross blood donation center in your area, click here.

Off to find something light to eat for dinner. I think I hit my daily calorie intake about halfway through lunch. Cereal it is!
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