Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm feeling really crummy today.

Last night, my great friend Lynette had her baby, which wasn't due to make an appearance until May 2nd! I was up 'till about 1am waiting on updates, being excited for them, etc. and now I've just felt sluggish all day. The baby is a healthy 6 pounds 5 oz, but she is having a little trouble breathing, as is often the case with such early babies, so she's in the NICU for now (in case you were wondering).

The weather here today sucks. It's cold and rainy, and we don't even get any thunder or lightning along with it. I can get on board with a storm if it's at least a thunderstorm, but plain ol' rain is not my idea of a good time.

I'm picking up a friend tonight from the airport at 9pm, and I sure hope her flight is on time. The hubby is working late, so I've spent practically the entire day trying to get the kid down for a nap to ensure that he'll be able to stay awake and go into the airport with me. I would have my friend meet me at the curb, but she's flying in all the way from Germany and I don't want her to have to use her cell phone to make an international call to me if I can just meet her at the gate. LUCKILY, I did finally get the kid down, and he's been out for going on two hours now. Whew!

I guess I should get up and clean, since I'm having a house guest tonight and all. Maybe when the kid wakes up, I'll take him somewhere for a while before heading to the airport. Maybe getting out would do us all a little good.

Sorry for such a boring post. Just had to vent a little. Maybe tomorrow will be better. :)
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